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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Orange Pineapple

I have decided to share another piece of myself with you. This is one of my drawings. Yes I do have an artistic side. This piece is titled Orange Pineapple. Well I guess I don't have to explain the meaning of the drawing. I will leave it up to you to derive a meaning from it. I love to draw, sometimes I even find myself scribbling on a piece of paper at work. I haven't done any decent drawings lately, I think I should start drawing again and improve my skills. I didn't have any formal training where drawing is concerned and that is one of my biggest mistakes and regret not doing it so much. I should have pursued my drawing ability and do some classes. I hope I will be able to find the time to sit and do some more drawings and in the future even go to some art classes.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

24 commented:

Like you shoulda gone to Edna Manley School:)

then you should take some art classes then.. :) you have talent there...

Wow, this is really good. You've had no formal trianing? This is pure unadulterated talent. I would love to see more of your work. I am a great lover of the arts......I think it's romanticism at it's finest.

I wish I knew how to draw.....

It has always been a wish of mine, to be able to see something and just sketch it!

The drawing is very nice. Thanks for sharing it!

Have a good weekend yourself.


Nice drawing. Yu have real talent my yute. You ever thought of getting into graphic design?

Don't let that talent go to waste. Some of us can only dream of doing half as well.

Nice drawing. Thanks also for the weekend post, the pickings in the Cariblogrs blogosphere is well, well thin!

Whoa-Stunner, this is great and you had no formal training. But then again lots of self taught artist have become extremely successful comercially. Have you heard of the Haitian artist Amos. His one dimentional paintings go for thousands. Love your Orange Pineapple. Pursue your passion if this is one of them. Would love to see more of your art.

man of many talents huh? nice stuff. how much to commission a potrait lol!

stun there's this famous jamaican artist who died last year. cant recall his name. done paintings of black jesus and stuff like that.

Stunner! I'm impressed. You should join the group of blog artists and post those weekly things.

There's Cream, the Algerian, and Caroline, and Valgalart.

Vit on Vitriolica Webb's Ite is an illustrator.

Go on, give it a shot...and it's NEVER too late to take art classes. There must be teachers you can go to.

yep..never too late

nice artwork!

You should always find room in your life for art - always. Great drawing!

Wow - I admire anyone with artistic abilities. And, you're untrained to boot? Go for it, take some classes like 'ka said.

You need to seriously pursue this talent. You are a very artistic and talented person. Don't let your talent go to waste esp since you are such a natural. You may later regret it.


"the things you regret most in life is the things you didn't do moreso than the things you did do"

Yow, you can go ahead and take classes, but as far as I can see (and thats not very far) you would be teaching the teacher, but so it goes when you need that "piece of paper".

very nice...take those classes and draw story boards for motion pictures...:)

You are on talented young man.

I believe the artist that obifromsouthlondon might be referring to is Ken Abendana Spencer.

I had to comment its beautiful have you ever tried orange pineapple icecream? its delicious keep it up very talented guy you are........:o)

Ah, I didn't know you were an artist, too. Very nice!

All this time a draw naked girl u must gain some perfection