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Monday, January 23, 2006

Bun Him!

Macka Diamond (centre) and Black-Er (right)

"Bun him!
Tek man pon him
Tek di house an land an run him
Bun him!
Tek di car and van an run him

Bun him!..."

This is the chorus of a song that is riding the air-waves and stirring up a lot of heat in the Jamaican Dancehall fraternity. The song titled Bun Him, by Female DJ Macka Diamond and Male DJ Black-Er, has been having a lot of air play since its release. Click here to hear a sample of the song.

But that's not all the song has been doing, it seems the song has stirred up outrage among many male Dancehall artistes. It has been a part of the Jamaican culture for men to have multiple female partners, however, it is wrong for a woman to cheat on her man, or I should say Bun him. This sentiment is glorified and preached in many of the dancehall songs, which might be the reason why it is entrenched in our society. Therefore, it follows that this song goes against that ideal of the Danchall community. Many artiste seem to be upset about what this song is encouraging. And worst, is the fact that a male DJ has joined the female and is encouraging her to give her man bun! It has gotten to the point where other artistes, such as Twins of Twins, have made it there point of duty to dis Black-Er in one of their songs. That's not all! Some have even accused Black-Er as being gay! An yuh know how serious that accusation is in Jamaican society! It has been reported that the situation has gone even to the extent of Black-Er getting death threats! What the hell! Check out the Star's article here. Dem want fi kill di man fi just da song deh? A what a gwaan inna Ja?

Personally I don't have a problem with the song. I actually like it! I really don't take the song seriously, to me it's a fun and funny song and it's on a catchy beat that fits it well. As for the message of the song, I don't have a problem with it. Black-Er is not encouraging the women to just get up out of the blue, go out and give their men bun (cheat). If you listen to the words of the song you will notice that the man is not just cheating on the woman with several women, but he is doing it blatantly, right in front of her face. If yu a gi bun yuh woman nuh fi know, simple! Every real player knows that! Not saying I'm a player. Macka Diamond also goes on to relate in the song that the man is abusing her and will not allow her to leave him, even threatening her. In such a situation, in all fairness, if him get bun him nuh fi complain. I can't understand why so many DJs have a problem with this song, when they themselves sing the same thing! Yes the same set of DJs hitting out on this song, in countless number of songs, sing that if the woman's man is not treating the her right, or if di wuk nuh good (if the sex in not good) the woman should give him, the DJ, a piece (cheat on the man with him). But I guess that's just a part of the double standards in our society.

As for me I will continue to have fun and play Bun Him!

17 commented:

well 1st of all "Twins of twins" will find any popular song to Comment on so that they can be in the spotlight. they need to find something that is original to do and trim off those ridiculous beards or side burn or whatever it is they have growing on their face. First it was beenie man now is black-er.

As for the threats that are being sent, it shows the level of illiteracy that exists within our society.

I guess anyone that that encourages women not to sit idly by and be ill-treated by men should be killed.

When elephant sang " bun him a gi you, bring de $@$%^ and meck mi *&%$ it out fi yuh", mi nuh hear nuh body a jump pon fi him case.

When the song bun fi bun did come out, mi nuh hear nuh body a lick out.

How dem know say blacker gay, unless
him did put argument to them or " them father chat too much"

Anyway, the more controversy that surrounds the song, the more air play and the more popular Black-er and Macka will become.

Anyway that song is my anthem for the season, and when mi hear it mi turn up my music loud. So anybody that don't like it, "DEM LUCKY"

And guess what they are only singing about what is actually going on. So Macka and Blacker BUN DEM even more.


I agree with Diva. I love the song too...

Actually I hate the song, Simply because it is monotonous. I have never really taken to Macka Diamond’s virtual ‘Call Girl’ style of lyrics.
However I cant nock it, as she challenges the double standards in our society that we have accepted for years. Like Diva Said, it just shows up the illiteracy in our society when ppl resort to death threats over the lyrics of a song that is highlighting an accepted norm in our society that contributes to its decay.

I probably heard the song in passing but pay very little attention to it (or any of the the more recent dancehall songs). I do agree with diva though.....double standards will kill wi.

I agree with diva. Anything that questions the misogyny in West Indian culture is dismissed. I mean why is it ok for a man to cheat, but not a woman? Who are these men cheating with? Heh. Anyhow, I like the song and I bun him!

Excellent post here Stunner. As usual, it all boils down to double standards. It's OK for men to do de bunnin but not the women. Typical same ole, SAME OLE.

well said stunner. Love the tune! Hey what goes around...

I hope I hear that song on the radio here...I think I'll call the dj's.

The song is hype and the double standard will always be there so why make a big deal about the song? I absolutely love it; won't be taking their advice but love it still.

You have got to be kidding me....

I have to say I agree with Diva and Madbull

I think people take things a little to seriously.....


Don't think I have heard it, but I certainly have no issues with it. Nuff bunnin a gwaan...both man and woman...whether that's a good thing is anodda discussion.

They can only be outraged because dem waa give bun but no waa get bun. As for Twin of Twins or whatever they are called, they are the most annoying thing I ever heard.. let the woman sing whatever she wants..its not the first time its done.. remember bun fe bun.. the house and land is simply the consequence of givin bun..

It's sad that ppl take the lyrics of the song so seriously that thy are willing to do harm to the artiste. What they say about stone in hog pen.....

I love the song. Find it quite comical. I too 'buck di radio pon it!'

Too funny but it is just the double standards at work.Man can't tek bun but luv to give.They just upset Blacker seem to be handing in his man

I agree with all the posts, starting with diva. What's good for the fowl... so they say.

whats good for the goose good fa de gander