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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Weh Di *@*%! Mi Medication Deh!

Once again Stunner finds himself in another adventure. If you remember I related one of my adventures in Mi Key To Ra..! Well, here is the sequel, another mis-adventure of Stunner!

I had a cold last week, but it blew off in a short time and wasn't all that bad, or so I thought. It seems this cold decided to leave a going away gift with me! I developed a throat infection which was very irritating. So I had to go to the doctor to get some relief.

2:45 pm Monday afternoon, I arrived at my apartment with my bag of medication. So yeah I ate some lunch and took my tablets and went to sleep. Got up, went to the gym, worked out, came back home and had a shower and was about to drop my medication in my bag so I could take it in the morning after eating my breakfast at work. Hold on, wait a minute..."weh di bag wid di box dem wid di tablet deh?!"

Didn't I take the medication earlier today? So I must have taken them out of the car! Stunner frantically looking all over the place, on the kitchen counter, in my room, under the bed, on the balcony, in the bathroom, in the garbage pan in my room! At this time yuh know seh some serious %!$*&?!$^ start cuss! "A weh di $#!*@%@#* bag wid di tablet dem deh? Cho %^@^%@&^!!!" Hold on......

Flashback! Did you not wash up the dishes and cleaned up the place...threw away some unwanted plastic bags that were lying around the place in the kitchen's garbage bin...and threw the garbage down the chute? "$@$^@*&^%@$@!!! Mi nah go back a doctor fi sit dung fi hours in di waiting room again fi da damn medication yah!!!" No, no, no, I was not about to do that at all! I had to get back my medication. How will I get it? Jump down the chute?

By now it is about 12:00 am Tuesday morning. With my mind made up and determined to get back my medication, I strapped up with my gloves and my flashlight. Jumping down the chute did not seem like a good idea, nor something hygienic! But, there is a gate downstairs where the garbage truck collects the garbage. So I headed downstairs, trying to look inconspicuous and scouting out the place to ensure no one sees me going to the garbage room. Nu want dem think mi gone mad now! Tip toe, tip toe....

Alas, I made it to the dumpster in the garbage room undetected, and low and behold there was the garbage bag...perched right in the centre of the dumpster on a heap of rotting, stinking, dirty, nasty garbage! "How di %@&@$!@* mi a go get da damn bag yah!" I could climb up on the edge of the dumpster and try to stretch for the bag, but then I might just fall right in. So I started to walk around outside the dumpster thinking of ideas to reach my bag, while making sure I'm not seen. Luckily some workmen were working on an apartment and left some thin strips of board lying at the base of the garbage room door. AHA! Idea! I decided to take one and fish out my garbage bag. Well, it worked like a charm...I spent only 15 mins trying to fish that damn bag from the dumpster! Burst open the garbage bag, and look, there was the bag with my medication, all neatly tied up and resting among my garbage.

Well, in case you might be saying that's nasty to ingest the medication after all of that, it did deh inna a bag, inna a box, an inna the plastic/aluminum packaging! It did still clean...right Dr.D? And I am still alive and have not suffered and gastric disorders...and of course my throat is slowly getting better.

16 commented:

Good going, Stunner... keep the adventure series coming, maybe we will have to change your name to McGyver! ;-)

ya do what ya had to do. man ya sudda slide down the chute, we throw in some really dramatic music and it woulda mek for a betta action shot. :-)

You cool my yute. it made funny reading tho...

Very funny story....

I'm sorry to hear about your trip into the dumpster, but you got what you were looking for so all is good!

As for not taking your medicine after it went into the's a little saying: God made dirt and dirt don't hurt!! *smile*

I hope you feel better real soon.


i would do the same thing if it happens to me... :D but 1 thing that makes this story more interesting is that i have to read more than once when it comes to jamaican part :) i know it's english, but i still have to digest it 1st :D ...

heheheheheh nice one at least you found it.I see you still going to the gym good for you :o)

Yup, still clean to in my book. medication too darned expensive tuh waste so.

Lol! Good think you found it. Feel better.

Good to go....I probably would have done the same thing...then again...maybe not......:D

that is quite an adventure...a funny one at that.

meds r expensive i'da done it too!

LOl,I woulda do the same.

You shudda lower yourself on some lines like mission impossible (at least in your blog post version) along with some mission impossible music.

Hilarious if I must say so myself!

That reminds me of an experience I had when I was in Tortola Dec 04. Don't remember if I blogged it but I most certainly will.

HAHAHAHAHA Stunner, this was hilarious. I read this last night, laughed, woke up this morning, still laughing.

Man, you'd better watch out for 'gasritis'.

aint this how I came pon your blog stunna? losing keys down the elevator? I swear i was laughing bout that for weeks. This one was funny too, here in the states when we were kids, if you drop a piece of candy and still want to eat it, you supossed to "kiss it up to god" he'll make it clean so you can eat it (im laffing my a** off right now) or you have the "3 second rule" if you pick it up within 3 seconds, the germs didnt have time to jump on it.

Ah the things we told ourselves as children to make sure we could eat our candy and tings....LOL