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Friday, January 13, 2006

Tek It Easy

Nothing much to blog about tonight. Just here at work counting down the time till I go home to get some sleep. I have been at work from 8:00 this morning and now its' some minutes past 11 pm. I am so tired, I've been going to bet late every night and waking up early everyday since Monday morning. But tomorrow I get to wake up late, yes 10:00am, 11:00 am. I have even cancelled all my alarm, now I'm thinking of turning off the ringer on my phones. Yes some rest at last. My plans for tomorrow: sleep, laze-around, read some blogs, watch TV, get the picture!

I hope you like the picture on the post, taken from my website Scenes of Jamaica. I took this picture at Breezes Montego Bay. I think this picture is very relaxing and gives of a laid-back restful feeling. I hope you all get to relax or just unwind over the weekend...yeh, tek it easy!

While you're kicking back this weekend you may want to visit this site I stumbled on: It has an audio list of Richie-B's top 20 reggae/dancehall tunes in Jamrock.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

11 commented:

Loving the Reggae Vibe link!! The pic is real nice too. It only remind me that my vacation is over ... boo hooo hooo.

fuckin' hell man. 8 to 11?? that is longest. you need sleep proper and lazy all sunday.

yup agree with cool, i'm feeling the vibe. I'm not even trying to look at that picture. it's so depressing lol!!

take care mr stunna. get some rest

Why your shift so long? It seems like you should sleep til 12.

UPDATE: I slept till a few minutes past one in the afternoon.

Hush cooldestiny, lol.

Obi and Abeni, I worked my regular shift and overtime for the other shift, need some doe.

thanks for the reggae link and the beach chair - gonna' just rest there for awhile and listen and look.

Get some rest Stunner...might I suggest on one of those beach chairs with a some feminine company!? Then must rest a go gwaan if she look good!? ;-)

That place has the bluest water, I swear.

Yo Stunner, take a vacation, brother.

Hey Stunner-Hope you got the sleep you needed. Nice photo. That's me in a couple weeks!!

Enjoy your R & R deserve it!! *smile*

Hope your weekend was nice, thanks for the link to the Reggae new site for Reggae music!! ~lol~

Love the pics they are very relaxing....

Now back to you and resting.....get some rest MISTER!!


Love the picture and the link, thanks!