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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Women, Know When To Stop!!!

We are now living in an age when women are experiencing, female liberation and empowering. Gone are the days when women were barred from perusing certain interests. Women are no longer sitting on the sidelines as spectators, they are now Lawyers, CEOs, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Athletes in formally male dominated sports. But there is an aspect of this whole female revolution that bothers me. Don't get me wrong, I am not a against women being treated as equal and being allowed to pursue their dreams. However, there is one thing that I don't appreciate women pursuing and I honestly don't think women should be doing it!

By now you must have been wondering what the hell I'm talking about. Well I guess the pictures speak for themselves. The sport of Women Bodybuilding. This extreme sport has been experiencing a growing amount of female devotees. Note, that there many categories of female body building. But the one that I can't accept is the extreme end of the competition, where the women have slipped over the Heavy Weight Body Builder. Here, I can't agree with a woman pursuing her dream or partaking in a male sport if this is where she wants to go. The men who go to the extremes already look like freaks, and I can't find a word to describe the women! I know I'm sounding a bit harsh on the women bodybuilders, but to me they have gone too far. Why must a women go to this extreme and mutate their bodies in such a manner?

At this stage a woman borders on that line that divides the sexes. These female bodybuilders have not just become muscular, but have also started look like the men in their league. Their bodies have taken on the shape of a man's, their faces also have the appearance of a man's face, their breasts have been devoured by massive pectoral muscles and even their voices have deepened! This is not natural! I know I'm not the one to define what a woman should look like, but I honestly don't think a woman should look like. A woman can be well tones, have some amount of defined muscles but not to the extreme where you have to be thinking twice if she is a he! Some of you may say that it's the woman's right to do whatever she wants with her body, I agree, it's hers, but I don't see anything sexy about looking that way, nor can I fathom a good explanation for pursuing this form of body mutation.

Women, pursue your goals, challenge yourselves, be free to express yourselves, but their is a limit...know when to stop!

17 commented:

I concur! They look like they have been on steroids.

I really wish that this one sport in particular women would not entertain at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why or why would you want to even go there?!?!?!?! I can't stand to see men that are that big...but a woman!! Come onnnnnnnnnn...

Enough is enough!!


You scared me with those pics man! It boggles me everytime I see them. There is even the World's Stronget Woman competition ponsored by MetRx.

The world has gone mad!

I so agree with bajanqueen I don't even like guys who look like far less women.........

I love a nicely toned woman with full firm thighs and a nice booty.....But these women are waaaaaaay past Amazonian. There are men in the world that like women who look like that....I just can't imagine why.

Oh my gosh! I don't even need to read the post...but why would a woman do this to herself? One of my best friends, a woman, went this direction. I feel so bad for her, though she thinks that she looks good. But she looks like a man, and don't even realize.

They just look plain nasty.I can't understand the motivation either.

I totally agree with you. I can't even stand to see the men that look like that much less women. It's like they don't want to be women anymore. No sah, I think they look sick.

Bumbocleat! have my support rude bwoy...woman fe look feminine....dem ting deh look like some sorta freak!

I agree. What is sexy about a woman who looks like a man? Being in shape is one thing ... but these women have just taken it too far.

different strokes, different strokes...

I don't like the look of either male or female body builders, but if they wanna' do it, who really cares?

why does it/should it matter what they do? What's the old Bette Davis line? "As long as they don't do it in the street and scare the horses..."

I totally agree. I don't think women should distort their bodies in such a way. This also impairs them physiologically to have children. What greater gift has been bestowed upon a woman but to bring forth life?? This is not attractive in the least but unfortunately we were given the power of choice and apparently some women take it beyond its meaning.

I totally, fully, completely 100% agree with you!!!!!!

She looks horrible,like an alien from planet vein.

I don't even know any men that look that buff.

In my opinion, all competitive body building is dumb.

i have way too many bad jokes in my head right now that i shouldn't write it here :D

oh man... i don't even like a man with shape like that. a woman? rrrrr... i wonder who those women will end up with... another body builder? or..?? :D

I ain't like it, but if it makes them happy...

LOL I like this line, "As long as they don't do it in the street and scare the horses..."