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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Bum-Bie-Bie Inna ....."

Of late Jamaica has been getting a bad rap for its anti-gay culture. Human rights organizations, such as Amnesty international, gay rights groups such as the UK based OUTRAGE and even the local JFLAG have been targetting Jamaica. Certain Dancehall DJs have had their international shows cancelled, been dropped by Corporate organizations and the latest, is having their microphones cut during their performance due to their stance. Certain DJs have been blacklisted, and are not allowed to perform shows in certain regions. These human rights and gay support groups have been pressuring the Jamaican government to accept and legalize the "form of alternate lifestyle". They have also gone as far as alleging that all Jamaicans carry out acts of violence against homosexuals and constantly persecute them.

But I think these people are treating Jamaica unfairly where this is concerned. So in defense of Jamaica:

  1. Yes homosexuality is illegal in Jamaica. And it ought to remain like that! Like me most Jamaicans believe that it is wrong, immoral and nasty! Jamaica has a Christian background and hence the majority of Jamaicans see homosexuality as going against what the bible preaches. I don't agree with members of society going out and attacking these people. They have the right to choose to do what they want to do with their lives in privacy. As long as they don't bring their nastiness to me, I don't have a problem with them. The Bible did done seh these things would happen. As the late dancer Bogle said, "Dem ova de suh and mi ova yah suh", or something like that.
  2. Jamaicans on a whole do not attack or persecute gays and lesbians as described by these organizations. The majority of Jamaicans, despite being against it, do not seek out and attack them. I am not saying that there might not have been incidents, but I'm sure that gay bashing occurs in other countries as well, even the tolerant USA and the accommodating UK! I have seen these people blatantly walking in the middle of Half Way Tree, and no one attacking them or verbally abusing them. The most you might see is people staring, giggling and shaking their heads as they whisper to each other. This is a normal behavior of any society to things that they do not accept or find strange.
  3. Yes the Dancehall songs, hit out against them. Some do preach violence against them. Yes most people in the clubs and dances put up there hands to these songs. This has been going on from the 80's and it has not caused any widespread violence against homosexuals, as these organizations would want people to believe! Some of these songs are figurative, for example, fia-bun (burn fire) is used by Rastafarian DJs as a word to show disapproval, and to signal cleansing. They have said fia-bun (burn fire) for things such as the injustices in society, politicians’ behavior and police actions in their songs.
  4. I'm sure that Jamaica is not the only country that does not support this lifestyle, or has laws against homosexuality. The majority, if not all the countries of the Middle East despise this way of life and have strict laws against homosexuality. If a homosexual is caught in these countries the punishment is death! But I don't hear or see OUTRAGE or JFLAG condemning them or targeting them. A wi alone dem have strength fah?
  5. Racism and other wrongs are still strong and out rightly practiced in the same countries that Amnesty International and other human rights organizations are based. Yesin the great USA and UK, and they are not making a big stink about it. Racial discrimination is practiced and even preached in many areas of these countries and I am not hearing any of these human rights people making a big deal about it. Weh unnuh deh?
  6. The culture of the country is anti-gay. So why are these organizations trying to impose a certain lifestyle on us that is contrary to our beliefs? You say we treat gays unfairly, but isn't forcing us to accept something we detest being unfair?

I know I have touched a very sensitive and controversial issue, but I had to voice my concerns and my thoughts on this issue in attempt to defend my country. Those are just a synopsis of my thoughts and how I see it. What are your thoughts?

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After reading your thoughts I really don't have much to say on the matter. You summed it up really well!! *smile*

Everyone has an issue or another with Homosexuality.....this is something that has been going on for years!

I am with you in saying that as a Christian you don't believe in that kind of life style.

The gay rights or whatever they are called would like people to accept and respect their way of life....Heterosexual individuals like myself would like our way of life to be accepted and respected as well!!

Everyone has a cause...I guess it's how you go about yours that makes the difference!!

Great post! *smile*


I laughed the first time I heard "Jamaica, land of Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve".

I think the whole arguement is about money. (as usual)

Jamaica makes most of their money through tourism and the gay culture tends to have a lot of extra money.

Maybe the answer is for greater punishment when someone is violent against a homosexual.
It certainly isn't making Jamaica change their laws and accept something they don't believe in.

There is a saying "When in Rome", The Jamaican Culture is Christian and tends to have anti-gay opinions.
To flaunt yourself against the predominant culture is disrespectful.
A person should't be suprised to be disrespected when they are being disrespectful.

Well,I have no problem with homosexuals per se.I don't advocate the lifestyle but at the same time I see no reason for them to be discrimnated against or being attacked for their sexuality.

Totally agree with you bredren. I dont like how they trying to force this gay agenda down all we throats so. I no support that, I aint supporting no bareback mountain nuttin so. If them do it dem do it but I dont have to support ya.

funniest thing I eva see back in the day was one openly gay west indian dude dancing to that tune 'say we no inna dem funny guy thing bad man nuh wear g string ya mad!' it was just too funny fa words.

I think you summed it up pretty much

Intellectually, I don't have a problem with homosexuality. If they want to do that stuff, no problem. Do your thing, just don't bring it to no likkle impressionable yute. If you do that, you fi pick up licks yes! Just the same, if you are heterosexual and you a rush the likkle dawta dem, you fi get bruck up too!
Anyway, as I say, its intellectually, because I felt some disquiet when I was watching that movie about Alexander still. At the same time, I remember thinking a homosexual bredrin I have to be evil when he told me how he had been putting argument to a man he knows who was married but was having issues with his sexuality, even though I can completely understand a man putting arguments to another man's wife... so yes, I am a bit ambivalent towards the practice of homosexuality. Like most people, I would prefer if its not practiced where I can see it.

I don't think they deserve no beatings though... except in that same case I mentioned above, corrupting minors.

I agree with you, most Jamaicans are not violent towards homosexuals. In fact, I agree with your entire post. Jamaica is getting a bad rap on the violence towards homosexuals issue. I could see with it if they were just saying Jamaicans were violent to all manners of people, because thats true.

What Glaad and JFLAG need to recognise is that they are killing far less homosexuals than heterosexuals in Jamaica... they should thank God for that. In Jam, you have to fret that you will be a victim of violence whether or not you are homosexual, so much so that the violence against homosexuals is almost a non-issue.

You summed it up well Stun man! Have a good weekend.

I agree with abeni, I don't have any problems with homosexuality.

It seems we all pretty much agree, what consenting adults do is their own business. It's the agenda pushing that is wrong.

So I ask about Stunners point on DJ's. Is it wrong for places to boycott dancehall Dj's that are anti gay?

I think it's ok, if they wan make their money someplace where homosexuality is acceptable like US or England, they have to expect to meet resistance.

The street goes both ways, and all.

I agree that everyone should be able to associate with or not associate with whom they well as disagree with what they see as a moral issue. I don't think that homosexuality should be illegal...what two consenting adults decide to do amongst themselves, as long as it does not harm others, should be solely their business. But, I also understand Jamaica has the right to pass laws they feel are right, just, or moral.

And, of course, I don't condone violence against anyone who is not harming anyone else.

Admittedly, I know very little about Jamaican life or culture...but from the horror stories (which I concede might be mostly untrue) I've read about homosexuals being killed, I have to admit, I'd probably never go. Maybe it's irrational...but I'm just being honest about it. As an openly gay man, I've just read too many stories about how Jamaica hates, I just want to stay as safe as I can. :)

I do agree that United States or other groups shouldn't be forcing Jamaica to change their culture.

I'm not gay, but the bellmen told me when I was there that if you are gay, don't display public affection or you will get assaulted or even shot, and the police might not investigate it too much.

It's one thing for sodomy to be illegal, but institutionalized persecution to THIS alleged level--if in fact that is TRUE--is simply not acceptable--especially in a country that is only too glad to accept the gay tourist dollar.

MARIJUANA should probably remain illegal, also--but I think we can agree that this and sodomy are misdemeanors, and the punishment should fit the crime (and not be "vigilante style," either--if, in fact, the rumors I have heard are true.)

Oh--I wish you could "edit" comments--I meant consensual sodomy when I said "misdemeanor."

"Forced sodomy" should obviously almost always be a felony.

I believe in freedom of speech or song. Those organizations are entitled to their beliefs and the Dj's are entitled to singing their songs. Corporate funding, well they should know what they're funding and pulling the mike while artists are performing is a load of such bull crap. If yu no waan fe hear dat sort of lyrics then don't go to the concert. Those self-righteous groups need something to bitch about to justify their existence.

hehe I've touched on this in the past. was meant to see sizzla in a rare concert and that asshole peter tatchell effectively cancelled it.

recently gay marriages where banned in Nigeria.

You summed it up well. And, the other comments did as well. It's about money and "power"... a "little, backwards island country that depends on our money" is much easier to influence than others... I say whatever to them. I love reggae and dancehall, doesn't mean that I espouse hate crimes or anything like that. Those that use the lyrics of a reggae song (or any song for that matter) as justification for their own stupid actions should be treated as the anomalies that they are. If they don't like how it is in Jamaica, then tell them go elsewhere... Jamaica is not begging them for their dyamn tourist dollars and Jamaican music is not to blame.

BOrn and raised in the USA i get tired of my country shoving shit down the throats of other countries. I mean damn!It's funny that the original core beliefe of this country has become our own worst enemy!

I have nothing against gay people of really any particular group of people.

I think all people deserve "human" rights, gay ,straight or whateva. I don't like to hear about anybody getting killed. So maybe we need to start a group that just tries to stop murder...PERIOD!!! and stop worrying about the safety of just ONE sexual group and start worrying about all of GODS children.

Its so odd how we use Religion to justify the things that we hate. All SIN is spelled the same way. As a young gay Jamaican its sad that Jamaicans refuse to understand why homosexuals desire a need to be free. Homosexuality is a norm, men have been sleeping with men for ages. Its a part of black culture. I have learned over the years that the ones who lash out against homosexuals are the same ones who are actually gay. I know for a fact that Jamaica is filled with homosexual men who live double liVes and the ripple effects of such lifestyle is threatening to the society. Wouldn't it be best to let gay men be free rather than hiding and destroying lives? With the shortage of men and most black men locked up in prison one wonders why women lash out against gay men so much. With the day to day increase of male sexual abuse in Jamaica one wonders how can such a socity condemn homosexuality while so many of their men are being raped.