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Monday, January 30, 2006

Random Gibber

What's in the Jamaican News
This comic covers the major news in the Jamaican media for the past month. Everywhere you turn, in every Newspaper, Every TV news broadcast and every radio newscast and talk show the first thing they discuss or report on is the PNP presidential campaign! There is no escaping it, it's everywhere! Damn it I'm tired of hearing about who is going to lead the band of thieves ( yes, politician is another word for thief)!

Nice Weather
That's how I can describe the weather here in Kingston for the past couple of days. The days have been bright and sunny and windy. Yes wind blowing every second of the day, from gentle light breeze to moderate gusts of wind. The sky has been dominated by brilliant sunshine, no sir not even a glimpse of rain. And what about the temperature? Coool man! Yep, nice and cool during the days and even cooler at nights.

I received this in an email and, being the kind person I am(grinning), I decided to share it with you all.
Amazing what a little imagination and skill can do!

When To Say "Oh Shit!" And Wet Your Pants
There are a couple of circumstances or situations in life where you are allowed to say "Oh Shit!" and wet your pants like a baby. This is definitely one of them!

Have a great week!

12 commented:

Yes Sutn you, I sick o hear about who a go hol the the same frig up wah mek?

Yeah...the weather nice. Any cowitch a blow down your side?

I think a "Lord Have Mercy on my Soul" would be more appropriate than to say oh shit and wet your pants in that case! There may not even be time to hol a piss to rahtid....

That should read Stun man....

I've seen that elephant art before. The artist is so skilled.

i have to admit... the elephant thing is so cool!!!!!

and as for the plane... i don't think i'd even have time to pee in my pants. i'd just think, oh hell, just make it quick!

he he he he...

I don't think you would have much time for anything judging from that picture... Looks like its about 2 seconds to impact!

I would stop buying the papers and tune out the radio and tv. If folks keep buying, media people think they are doing the right thing.

If me did see that plane me would start praying so hard like them folks in them movies.

Enjoy the good weather and the political banter. It makes for good stories by the locals.

Yup, Oh shit is definitely in order and for that matter both figuratively and literaly. I've seen another phot related the the caption. A parachuter falling into a lake of aligators.

You damn right about wetting your pants and saying "Oh Shit", seeing something like that would make me pass out.....~lol~

Glad to hear you're having nice weather in's raining here in NYC!! *boo-hoo*

The elephant pic is really like!

Enjoy your week also dear!


HI Stunner-just passing through. Got an email on "When to Say Oh Shit" . Godd one.

that pic of the plane is not a good sight lol!! what do you do? lol

yeah. dutty politicians. now's the time when crime falls, employment increases, bad news gets spun into good shit. and still people get excited about these things. why?