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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Free Paper Bun - Back To School Again

School has started once again for me. The second semester of year 2 of my crappy degree programme, after this semester there will be only two more semesters left to go and I'll be finished with this damn stressful programme! A cyaan wait!

Unlike the Utech I know, the lecturers have started out full force in this first week of school! Normally the first week is basically a waste of time. But this year is different, nuh know a weh dem deh pon! My notebooks have started to become populated with numerous scribbling and notes. This semester promises to be a challenging one as my course have now deviated from the standard engineering core to encompass non-technical courses. I am doing Managerial Economics as well as Seminar. Managerial Economics will be new to me since I have a technical, science background. I have only done two other business subject in my life. Entrepreneurship and an introduction to management. Seminar is somewhat familiar as I did presentations in my Communication course back in the Diploma Days. Seminar involves choosing a topic, doing research on the topic, write and print a book and do a presentation on the topic for the class. So you can guess that I'm now fishing for a topic!

So yes mi free paper bun, time to buckle up and do some studying before the tests and exams creep up on me. Of course I don't know my grades as yet, because Jamaica's "biggest high school", has not posted the grades as yet since their online system that we use to view the grades has been down now for over a week now. So I'm still in limbo stressing out myself, hoping and praying that I passed last semester's courses.

Got to run, need to get some sleep for work...and the dreaded traffic tomorrow morning.

16 commented:

That's to get you into it right away-no slacking now:)

Give them a presentation on blogging... That ought to allow you nuff time for 'research'. ;-)

Same with me ...nuff work start already and I've only had 2 classes so yuh can imagine.

How about the effects of cell phones on Jamaican infrastructure and culture for Seminar?

I absolutely loved Seminar when I was at Utech. It give you a real practical experience which is why I prefer Utech over UWI anyday.

Yes, I do think you could do a presentation on blogs and how they have basically taken over the mainstream in every aspect of society, politics, entertainment, etc., the role they play and the direction it is going. I think it would be rather interesting.

As long as it's not a boring topic.

Like Mad Bull said do your presentation on blogging...*smile*

Do what you have to do, and before you know it, it's all going to be over. Then you can breathe and relax!! *smile*

I love the pic, the carribean looks so serene and peaceful.....Ahhhhhhhhh


Stun man...why you referring to you degree programme as crappy? I would check seh if it really is crappy that you would want to consider suppem else...nuh true?

I have a cousin who lectures at UTech.....him seh de lecturers are not out....tings may gwaan soon...

Anyway, do what you have to do in order to do well.

Hi Stunner-INteresting project there-finding a topic, writing and printing a book. Have you decided on a topic yet and how long do you have to complete this?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Best of luck in this new semester :)

Hi Stunner, I was enjoying the photos, all the new posts I missed, and eying up that Walker's Wood sorrel chutney.

Hope studies don't keep you from posting!!

Haha, yes, I like Madbull's suggestion!

all i studied economics but still hated the whole business side of things (why did i do the course? dont know). accounts was best - bare numbers. get your note scribbles on stunna

Just keep up the bloggage, brother.

Hmm, a presentation on blogging...I will keep an open mind and think about that sugestion. Cell phones are the in thing in Jamdown now, not a bad idea.

Dr.D, the whole school is crappy...not just the programme itself and the school of engineering is the worst. If I had the money, I definately wouln't have gone back at Utech.

Haven't settled on a topic as yet, Sunshine. I have a couple of weeks, about 4.

Despite the pressures of school and work, I'll thy to keep the blogs and the photos coming. What can i say I'm a blog junkie.

Oh, the building in the picture is a part of the School of Engineering.

That kind of cruel. Can't they just go ahead and mail out the grades? They must have a back up plan!
Hang in there my bredrin, it will be over before you know it!