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Monday, January 09, 2006

Just Chatting Away About Random Stuff

Morning Traffic is Back!!!

"Ting-a-linga-ling! School bell ring and it's traffic time again!" Yes my fellow bloggers, the second part of the school year has begun, or for some the first semester of the new year. And the traffic is back with full force, yes vengeance for the holiday break that we so much enjoyed when we sped to work on the almost empty roads in the mornings after leaving home late. Anticipating this phenomenon, I set early a bit early this morning...and also because mi gas needle was on E... to beat the traffic. I was certainly not disappointed, the traffic was there lying in ambush! It took me 40 minutes to reach work from my home, and I live less than a mile away! Nevertheless I arrived early, so tomorrow morning is the same routine, clock alarms at 6:00, I press snooze, phone alarm goes off, I lock it off, clock goes off again and finally Stunner wakes up. Rush, rush, rush, fix breakfast to carry to work, bathe get ready, shot it through some shotta "ghetto" areas to beat the traffic and still end up in traffic. Then slowly endure the pain of the traffic jam to work.

Something To Taste

Something for you guys to try out. Sorrel Chutney. I got this at my staff party in December. They gave out gifts to those who arrived early. I had it dashed down in my apartment., so I decided to give it a try. It wasn't too bad. I ate it with some crackers, although I doubt that's how I was supposed to eat it...anyway I man did hungry! It has a sweet strawberry-like taste but spicey, which is due to the pepper and seasonings, including a bit of garlic. I plan to try it with some saltfish fritters the next time I eat it. I have always wondered why Jamaica doesn't explore the endless possibilities of Sorrel and give up on the damn sugar! Sorrel chutney, jam, drink, wine and the list goes on. I'm sure if it is marketed properly and aggressively it could generate a lot of revenue for the country!

Cold Front

A cold front passed over Jamaica Saturday, bringing nice cool weather to the island and chilly gusts. I thoroughly enjoyed the cool weather, even though it lasted only for the day. It was gone by about Sunday . The weather facilitated my days rest, since I worked the night shift for the whole weekend! It was so sweet to just go home an curl up in my bed and sleep out the whole day. Wouldn't mind another one.

11 commented:

I hear you on the traffic situation. I buck up a hell line last afternoon while trying to get to classes. Oh I miss the days when school on holidays :(

Traffic is murda...luckily, I cyaan complain too much so far...maybe I move out a bit later than you still...

Have never tried sorrel chutney. Saltfish fritters may work well with it yes.

Yeah, de cool weather nice....mek man waan rope een a lass or two and create some heat rude bwoy! ;-)

Hi Stunner-I'll check out the Sorrel chutney. Don't know if I can get it over here although Publix carrys the Walkers Wood brand. Traffic in Kingston makes me insane. Have a great day.

I'm not looking forward to the traffic on Monday when my vacation ends and I return to backra's work.

I think I'm gonna pick up some of that chutney today and try it. Sounds like something I could get addicted to for a week or so.

I was definitely loving the cold front too. I also enjoyed an entire night of rain last night ... too sweet!!!

Sounds like you have a plan....

Keep those alarms set! *smile*

I am not a morning person so getting up before I am ready to is a hassle.

Hope traffic allows you to make it to work early again tomorrow. *smile*


So the cold front gone for you already? Bwoy, from I touch down back on the rock (Grand Cayman this time), I have been shivering. It well cold over yahso, mi roots...

I always hate it when school reopens.Just too many people about!Enquiring minds want to know who was in bed with you:)

traffic problem is everywhere... :) i have enuf :D cursing other drivers used to be 1 of my morning routines, 'n i got sick of it :D

yo Stunner, I can sympathize on the traffic, it's bad here all year around. Especially when it rains or snows.

I wish there was a way to trade some of your hot weather for some of our cold weather.

Send down a case of the Chutney, brother, so that I can sample it. Maybe I might find it here, some of the walkerswood sauces are in the supmkt here.

I miss those days too Scratchie. Abeni, Justacoolcat, Ka di traffic is awful, I hate even the thought of sitting in traffic.

Seems you leave out after the trffic cools down Dr.D.

Sunshine, Cooldestiny, Ri, the Chutney ain't too bad at all, yeah you should give it a try.

Bajanqueen we have something in common, I'm definately not a morning person...I hate getting up early.

Enquiring minds...or you, Abeni? ;)