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Monday, February 06, 2006

Bob Marley - True Jam-Icon

Today, many Jamaicans remembered one of Jamaica's most popular and influential icons Robert Nesta Marley OM, more popularly known as Bob Marley. Every radio station played his songs today continuously, only to break for news and advertisements, yes the Jamaican radio wave echoed the chanting of Bob.

Bob was born on February 6, 1945 in Nine Miles St. Ann. However he was raised in the capital city of Kingston in the poverty stricken, inner city community called Trenchtown. This is where it is said that the seeds were sown for what would later become a Jamaican icon.

Bob Marley is known the world over for the enchanting and rhythmic music he sang, called reggae.
Reggae music is synonymous with Jamaica and Bob Marley. I doubt there is anywhere in the world that you can go and not find someone who knows of Bob Marley and the famous Reggae music.

The popularity of
Jamaica and Jamaicans was no doubt as a result of this legendary ambassador of Jamaica. Bob Marley thrilled the souls of many and kept them rocking to a mixture of cultural, revolution and love lyrics encompassed by the songs that he and his group The Wailers berried deep in the hearts of Jamaicans and the many people around the globe.

Bob Marley and the Wailers recorded several songs such as the very popular
One Love, which is used to advertise Jamaica as a tourist destination, Buffalo Soldier, Crazy Ballhead and the song famous for Weed (Marijuana) smoking Natural Mystic, just to name a few. For samples of Bob Marley Songs click here.

Bob succumbed to his battle with cancer on May 11, 1981. However, The King of Reggae's influence can still be felt in Jamaica and the world through his music, the
Rastafarianism culture that he made popular, the music of his children Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers and the burning lyrics of Jr. Gong!

For more information about Bob Marley you can visit Big up the man, Bob Marley, a true Jam-Icon.

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Hay Hay Mr. Jamaica Mon'--whats going on? I like Bob myself, damien,shabba, madd cobra, capleton all them...ever been to St Lucia?

would you believe I never even knew what was going on until I passed by the Bon Marley Museum late last night. :( It totally slipped me.

A legend amongs legend. I didn't even realize that yesterday was his B-day. Was it a national hoiliday in Jamtown

Dam I would love to be there....
heck I would of to meet him.

I often wonder a how many hits songs dem have so.

Thanks for this Stunner. He's my hero.

Don't worry...about a thing...cause every little thing...gonna be alright!

Hail up Stun man!

Jah Rastafari. Happy Birthday Bob.