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Thursday, March 30, 2006


OHHH NOOOO!!! It finally happened. I knew it would happen someday, it was just a matter of time. My PC has been acting up for sometime now, ever since the first system crash. Once again my PC has decided to crash on me again, once again threatening to loose all my latest files, all of my latest pictures.

In a desperate attempts to recover my documents I have summoned the force of my PC doctor and good friend. I hope he will get it up and running, if it's even just enough for me to get off my precious files.

I have, however, decided to throw in the towel and pawn off my PC. I think it's about time that I invest in a new decent system. My web site and graphic designing softwares as well as others have been pressuring my already mediocre system. This is now compounded with this recent failure of my system. I have set my eyes on a Dell laptop. Mi nuh have nuh money fi it, but I have to sacrifice and get a new PC. But knowing the nice and kind people you all are, I know you will be more than happy to contribute to the Stunner's New PC Fund!

As a result of the absence of my PC, I will not be able to post any of my pictures, and will have to settle with pictures "stolen", I mean borrowed, from the internet. Oh I feel so empty without my PC. Hopefully things will be ok soon....I really do hope so.

14 commented:

Sorry to hear about your CRASH. But, a who you expect a go drop money fe you PClaat Fund!? Go wuk fe dat rahtid! ;-) Jus cool. I will start by leffing you a dollar.

Tek it easy.

Guyana dollahs ain't worth squat Stunner. Damn. Hm, I think I still have some J'can $$...

But you know, I learn a lesson start saving all my things on disk, cd, zip disk, anything and everything.

Oh man! That same shit happened to me exactly 3 months ago. It's that time again when you hear that dreaded contemptible sound from deep inside your computer...phuueowww......boom! Just for the reference, it was the sound of my hard drive making its final drive into a very hard crash. Imagine, my hard disk completely full with in excess of 6,711 songs and videos suddenly going to its dark mechanical grave. Such is my case. This shit is so asymptomatic, it makes no..."eeerrkkksss" prior to its crash in order to inform me of the need to salvage whatever I can before its inevitable catastophic self-implosion. As for backup, thats just like driving with seatbelts. We never realize we need it, until we lick up head-on into the Leyland truck. Why is it that backup only seems relevant AFTER the crash? Anyway, I wont even bother to talk about recovery, there were no survivors to the crash. I just had to start my grieving process and make funeral arrangements for the dead and download each song all over from memory. So, my sympathies lay with you. God bless!

Oh, by the way... Dell having a sale now. Their B120 laptop going for 5 bills. And they have some other cool, good, inexpensive ones in Dell Outlet. So check them out.

Oh, and here's a dollar for the fund. But don't get your hopes up.. its a Jamaican Dollar.

I feel your pain.Whenever my PC gets sick I suffer greatly.A couple Ec should help;)

I splurged on a new machine last year. Still paying it off...

Bredrin mi know how yuh feel. I remember when my first pc almost like being a gunfighter at the O.K. Coral with a empty holster. Stunner the cardinal rule of computing is Backup,Backup,Backup.
(Raas! mi jus remember seh mi nuh back up in along while now....Shit....mi gone.)

so sorry to hear about your computer... did you backup any of your files?

Thanks for the condolences everyone. I have some of my stuff backed up, but the last backup was some time ago, about 6 months ago. But I have acquired so much since than, so I'm really hoping I can still get them back. I have learned my lesson, to have a regular backup schedule.

Thanks for the dollar pledges, lol!

I backup only my important stuff... My resume, nattys resume and m'buthelezi's resume. There is nothing else of importance on my PC. If it crash, I just load it over after the new drive is put in.

Not that I don't have songs and pictures on my PC, just that they aren't important. I can take pictures again and the songs will soon be out of date anyway... It takes a few hours well to rebuild the resumes though... You have to learn not to care about the small stuff...


Yu kno yu fi get an external drive fi yu tings dem

Don't you just hate that....

Just a thought dude
Planting a Seed but if you follow the link you'll find out how to make a wire-tree and sell/trade it for what you need.
kids can do it, so can you.
GOD always helps those that help themselves...then you can teach it to the children, as I AM, not here to teach students, but to study teachers.
As I say 'just a thought'.
you can 'Listen' or not, the choice is yours, I was only increasing your choices.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

p.s. love the profile image.