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Friday, December 25, 2009

Remains of AA flight 331 Under Threat!

By now everyone should have heard about the American Airlines flight 331, which crashed at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston Jamaica earlier this week. Thank God there were no fatalities in this accident and most of the passengers only received a few bumps and bruises. The Gleaner reports that after investigations are completed and the recoverable equipment are removed, the plan is likely to find its way into Jamaica's thriving scrap metal business. That would have been sooner than later if it was not for the security forces guarding the site thus preventing the plane to suffer the fate of the ship wreck only a few meters down the beach from the plane. But the wanton thirst of the scrap metal people is not the only thing investigators and the security forces have to worry about! What else would threaten the remains of this ill-fated plane?

L.A. LEWIS of course!!!

2 commented:

Who the heck is L.A. Lewis?? Grafiti artist? Or a legitimate person trying to get some free publicity?

I think the best answer is that he is a delusional, compulsive graffiti deviant who in his own world the biggest DJ getting free publicity via graffiti and the amusement of the media.