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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gaza Two Mouth?


By now everyone in Jamaica and Dancehall fans everywhere should have heard about Lisa Hype and her infamous oral sex photograph. This photo received quite a few comments from the Jamaican public as well as fellow Dancehall artistes. One artiste in particular, female DJ Stacious capitalized on this revelation with a song she penned that featured lyrics pertaining to Lisa Hype's oral tendency. however, it seems Lisa Hype's fallout from her oral sex photo did not just stop at the public opinion or the damning words of other Dancehall artistes!

Lisa Hype has been "blown" off,, yes expelled from the Portmore Empire by the their leader Vybez Kartel. According to The Jamaica Star, Vybez has issued a statement saying, "the members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain 'developments' that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct. Conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire." No doubt this "certain developments regarding Lisa Hype's conduct is in reference to her photo graph and proud admittance of performing oral sex. However, I find this statement and action by Vybez Kartel and his Portmore Empire to be very hypocritical! This is coming from a man who in one of his biggest and most well known song was in full support of a woman performing oral sex! In case you forget, let me drop a quote from his song "Tek Buddy Gyal",

... Tek rod fi di goods from seprod
Plus di ceramic tiles and di gold plate door knob
That a guh cause yuh a blow job...

Mines sing and DJ like Lady G
A who pay yuh visa fee?
Grab me cocky and sing pan it like Alicia Key...

If it is fact that the reason Vybez is dismissing Lisa Hype is because of the fact that she was caught performing oral sex, then he is a big hypocrite! She is just, as I see it, living up to the expectation of her mentor, the Gaza king, Vybez Kartel. I even suspect that it was probably Kartel's "mic" she was "deejaying" on, if I read deeply into certain images. Granted I am not coming to the defense of Lisa Hype. I'm not sorry for her, as it's her responsibility to ensure her private acts remain private. However, I just find our Dancehall artistes to be too hypocritical on many topics and the subject of oral sex is one in the forefront. If they hit out against it in their songs and statements, then they shouldn't be practicing it at all (either doing or having it done to them) under the quiet. These DJs need to be true to their words and stop to two mouth, two tongue thing!


10 commented:

I totally agree with you on this, Mr. Stunner. Vybz look like a fassyhole on this one.

Fully agree with everything you said. Worse yet if it was actually Vybz in the pic.

I agree with you Stunner. I guess as long as it wasn't his mouth on some man's cock, then he feels he can posture and act like he's doing everyone a favour? I wish Lisa would out them and tell us who has been having their dick sucked. That's the only way to even the score.

I am still wondering what is it with these djs' obsession with mouths on genitals? They spend so much time thinking and singing about how wrong oral sex is that one can't help but wonder whether familiarity has bred contempt. These folks really do live in their own world; if we ignore them, they will go away. really.

zzzzzzzzzzzzoh my goodness i can't believe that photo is now on my hard drive!!! i'm guessing this wasn't on the evening news lol

HAHAHAHAHA Gaza mi say.

fully agree with you stunner man, lose affa vybes

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I agree with your post on their two mouth. This is dancehall.

The hypocrisy that is within the Jamaican society is unbelievable. It is said that she was kicked from the empire because of her actions which was rumored to have been on the Teacha.

totally lame
just lame--how is this even an issue? Men and women need to respect themselves and stop going on like horny teenagers all the time.