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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

They Have Returned and FREE!!!

Well it seems it will be a merry Christmas for cable subscribers here in Jamaica, for Flow customers at least! All indications are that Flow and HBO Latin America have ended their standoff and have struck a deal. Flow has conceded and has signed a deal with HBO Latin America to purchase their feed. This has resulted in the return of several HBO and CineMax channels to the Flows movie lineup (see chart below). Of course these new HBO and CineMax channels now come complete with Latin American ads and even some programmes are partially in Spanish. Seems I need to learn Spanish now... Um, where is that Rosetta Stone DVD? But I guess, Flow can't beat the big dogs so they just have to roll with them and work with the programme to return these channels that its Jamaican customers have become accustomed to.

However, this is not the end for the bag off goodies that Santa Flow has for its good little customers! As a special treat to its customers Flow has decided to offer its residential customers all eleven HBO and CineMax channels FREE for the Christmas season up until January 31, 2010! Yes fellow Flow customers you will be able to watch all these channels free for 2 months, enough to keep you entertained throughout the holiday season. They have further stated that they will soon provide further information on the packages that will be offered and pricing for these premium channels. Let's hope they will really be flexible as they claim they will be when they announce these plans. But in the meantime, entertain yourselves with the channels as Flow seeks to reacquaint you with this estranged channels.

8 commented:

and to think I was recently saying that Flow did nothing for their existing customers.

Free? I think we must be in for a surprise when they hit us with the new charges after that

boooo boooo boooo boooo i say boooo

what is Owen's problem?

I guess Owen doesn't have Flow!
I also agree, when the charges hit after we wont be sooo happy, but give thanks still until then

These channels are NOt the USA HBO Channels, so the movies are more than three years old.

And there are several movies that do not have english subtitles.

It's actually a net loss, as any casual comparison of the Movie Lineup for the HBO US channels as compared to the HBO Latin America and HBO Caribbean channels will reveal the wide disparity between programming quality and dates.

Well you can't say they never give you nutten.At least you can watch 3yr old movies:)