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Monday, October 20, 2008


Our small island, called Jamaica, has what seems to be one of the highest murder rates in the region. The gruesome crimes have become such a common item in the news these days that it doesn't even seem to be shocking anymore. Shock and awe of these terrible murders have been removed from the list of emotions I feel when I watch the news. In fact I have to come to expect to hear at least one person murdered during the each of the daily newscasts. However, such feelings have been replaced by sorrow and empathy for bot the victims and there families, when innocent persons are abducted, raped and murdered.

But no matter how such items are reported on in the news and your emotions get stirred up, it does not hit home until someone you knows suffers this terrible fate. On Saturday both the printed media and the television news told the story of a young female pharmacist who was abducted, raped, murdered and her violated lifeless body burnt. When I watched the news I couldn't help but to feel a mix of emotions bubble through my body, a violent mixture of sorrow and anger. As I read the article in the Jamaica Observer and saw the picture of the young lady the feeling sank in even deeper as her face looked more and more familiar. But it was not until I got a call from one of my friends, who jogged my memory. This was a girl that went to the same University I went to, the same time I went to the university, someone I saw on several occasions with her twin sister on campus, someone who got married to one of my dorm mates. My heart plunged when I though of her ordeal in her last moments and the loss her husband, child and other family members must be feeling. My anger blazed to think someone, some evil being could carry out such a wicked and heartless act.

This was not the first time I have experienced such emotions and in a world like this I'm sure it might not be the last. One of my friends from the University I used to attend suffered such a fate, it hurt even more as this was someone who I was close to while I was on dorm. A girl who had a crush on me and someone who was fun to be around. She was abducted too, some time after I entered the working world, no doubt raped, then murdered and dismembered. I couldn't stop thinking about that gruesome act and having the emotions bubble in my system up to my throat like a well hot soup still in the fire, a fire fueled by grief and anger. I even recall having dreams of her still alive, like flashbacks of us still on the dorm hanging out, even a few weeks after I heard of her demise. But now only memories of the great person she was is left in the minds of those who knew her.

The murder of Terry-Ann, someone who I have personally seen several times and of my friend just only gives a glimpse of the sorrow and emotions of what other closer friends and family members must be feeling. Tragedies like these also just underscores how fragile life is and how fortunate we are to be graced with another day on the face of the earth in such a vile and heartless world. The murders in this country increase with every passing year, but has also shifted focus from killings associated with gang wars and robberies. The elderly, women and children have now become a target of this scourge on our nation. The government and the security forces just seem powerless in the face of these heartless crimes that are being committed in our small island. We can't be too careful these days, even in the comforts of our homes we need to be wary and give thanks for each day we survive unharmed.

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I was just saying to my mother today that I would have a hard time adjusting to taking public transportation again. It is just so ugly and unsafe out there. I don't even want to go out anymore. I'm glad my 2 kids keep me inside! It's safer that way.

Condolences to you and to her family.

What a terrible story...very very sad!

I just want to know when MEN are going to stand up and demand that their menfolk to stop this madness, as well as stop participating in all the other behaviours that make rape and assault against women and girls such a routine occurrence. That's really all I have to say about this.

Hushies stunner, hushies.

I got the email with the news and a few pics.


Everyday I wonder... We live in a beautiful country, its filled with 95% good people, fertile land, beautiful beaches, and landscape evident by the pictures you posted on your blog, but yet there are these 5% of demons in the population that are working hard to make our paradise hell. I'm sorry to know that another good person has fallen victim to their evil ways.

I don't know what to say. Sick and tired of hearing all these horror stories. Just too much wickedness!


First, thanks for passing by and commenting on my blog.

Second, I stopped reading/watching JA news long ago. I hear the bad stuff and feel the vibes so closely, it's like I read/watch every day anyway...

Third, Jamaicans have to stand up and say 'Enough'. I pray we'll all reach this soon. The blood on the flag in the graphic you used for this post is relevant, real. And will get worse until we choose to stop this madness.

All I know is that my Angels have nagged me to start my 'increase awareness/consciousness' work here in Jamaica again and I have.

Every first Sunday afternoon, we'll be calling in the Angels, zapping the negativity to smithereens and building our inner power so we can be free to create what we choose in our lives.

That's my contribution and way to say 'ENOUGH is ENOUGH'!!!

Blessings for all that you're doing and Who you are Being.

oh gosh that is horrible
it is such a loss--not only to her family and friends but to the community as well
all the love and care her family put into bringing her up--all the money that was spent on her education--all the time she spent studying to make sure she did well in school is lost--not to reduce her just to monetary value--still the loss of this one person is a nationwide loss-not just to her, her husband, her son--but Jamaica as a whole.

would you be in favor of capital punishment for those responsible for this crime?

What Savagery!!!

Condolences to you and to her family!

I am really sorry. I read this story too and feel the same way you do. Anger and grief, I too am tired of this.

I think need to look at the big picture also Stunner, seriously. After Ananda Lewis was abducted raped and her headless body was found I could predict that you would have others feeling embolden and copy cat I am not a criminologist but it is historic proof but no one in authority took the proactive step to warn people.

There have been several murders of women in the last couple days and there was an article on The Jamaica Gleaner website showing an increase in murders among Jamaican women.

I honestly do not think that Jamaicans, politicians, media and everyone want to solve crime. I think we are very afraid and for the most part think we are immune until it hits home.It is days like these that I really hate my country and it pains me to say that but that is how I feel.

Whoami commented earlier that 95% of our people are good decent people. I like to take comfort in that. sometimes I am in a crowd of my fellow citizens I look at them I really look at them and observe them and I wonder why are we like this. Is it really just 95% of us that are decent people. As much as I HOPE 95% of us are decent people I wonder about those that are corrupt in other ways, in business dealings, paying people to kill people.

As a Jamaican man I am ashamed of my fellow Jamaican men. Are we dunce?, do not take care of their children, beat women. Ready to "pop it off if any1 violate". Our boys are in deep trouble. Yesterday I saw a young man about 12 years old with an earring in his ears and a ratchet flipping in his hand.

As much as our men are illiterate and "dark", some of our women are trending in the ways of having their man friend commit murders on their behalf. It is a whole system of evil. I have heard the stories with my own ears.

We have a people and a governent who are afaid to take on the 5% they don't want to upset the constituency and they are afraid what human rights people might say. We are sending a signal to the 5 % that we are afraid and all we do is talk, talk talk and then express outrage then talk some more. How can a man on a double murder charge get bail?, Do million people have to die before the vote in our parliament to resume hang to actually take place?.

Why are we manufacturing monsters? Why can't we hold parents more accountable for their children. The family is an essential part of an society to ensure the effective socialization of a child.Let us examine the mind of a monster,let us look at his life from birth to adolescent to adult monster. Is there a pattern and how can we solve it?

Everyone wants to blame the schools. Yes blame the schools too and the church and the taxi driver, bus man, aunt, uncle all of us.

Frankly I don't think it can get any worst than this. The things people kill people for these days is amazing. A very capitalist society where a life is worth any hyped consumer item. If you "dis" or "violate" the wrong man and hurt his ego then its hell to pay.

We have no self control and no self awareness. we can only solve our disputes with expletives and bullets and knives. We are too illiterate to discuss anything. Our levels of emotional intelligence is zero.

Look at the mobs you see taking the law into their own hands. Emotions runs high among the masses. don't take the call "we want justice" for joke because its real. There is a vacuum in Jamaica that all responsible government must fill real or imagine- JUSTICE. If ordinary folks believe that their wrong would be set right by those charged with such a responsibility then there would not be so many vigilantly justice. The call for hanging is our cry for justice and yes revenge in a way to fight back. Look at the off duty JDF solider who killed 4 people in the heroes day massacre. The people outside club pointed him out when the police arrived and were upset the police didn't kill him. They encouraged the cops to kill the man in an extra-judicial manner instead of arresting him. I have heard the comments myself of people celebrating when police kill a gunman or justify the killing of a young man suspected to be involved with crime. Why are we puzzled when the cops kill more and more?

The police can not kill enough to the deplete the wave of new criminals being bred and socialized to make Jamaica a nightmare.

The truth is that just taking a hard line approach is not going to help us either. We need sticks and carrots. NGOs and social programs a must, sports, a perception of justice even if there is none.

We are generally a sick country. We need social therapy to heal the deep pains. We need a general forum to express how we feel. Tell our stories of crime, many others would relate and join the conversation and be encouraged to express themselves when we realize our stories are no different from the person who lives in cherry gardens as to the person who lives in grants pen. We all want the same things, self-actualization.

You know what? I getting fraid. You notice how almost all blogs have a story of death touching the blogger recently? You never realise how pervasive crime is till it reaches your doorstep!

Just last week three of my friends died in a car crash that left their bodies completely burnt up. Until last week, I wouldn't be able to relate to any story like this. But today, I get it. I really do. And it hurts me too.

Let's continue to pray for Jamaica, and the world.