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Thursday, October 30, 2008


No it is not some violent means of killing people, but if you look at it it certainly looks like a very violent activity! Daggering is one of the latest craze in the Dancehall these days, it may be refereed to as one of the new dances, even though I do not consider it a dance at all. To me Daggering is more like an over exaggerated sexual act or very dangerous and violent dry humping. This new, so-called, dance has been a staple at almost all the Dancehall sessions held on a daily basis... yes I did say daily.

Daggering is a dance that is performed by a male and a female and consist of over the top gyrating, heavy pelvis thrusting and daredevil leaps by both dancers on each other. I am proud of the fact that as Jamaicans our creativity seems to be boundless as we create new dance moves almost every day. However, Daggering is not one of these dances that I am proud to claim as Jamaican, to me it is... barbaric and makes Jamaicans look extremely uncivilized. I am still in disbelieve that people go out on a nightly basis just to behave like this. Well that's just my opinion on this new dance called Daggering, but you decide for yourself.

No sah no Daggering for me!

23 commented:

Heh, if i ever had a lady companion who did that; i'd leave her ass

From my understanding, daggering is not specifically a dance or dance move; it's the act of hard or hardcore sex. It is however replicated in the dancehall as a dance-move.

Idren Stunner,

When our sound system goes out pon di road, I see all manner of nastiness like this. My heart aches for the young sistren who allow themselves to be cheapened. And they are clueless enough to think it is cute and sexy!

After one session in Ballards Valley, St. Bess, two girls were leaving at about 4am after having been "daggered" on car hoods and in the road itself by numerous men there. (Both had gravel burns on their hands, knees and backs.)

One girl made the parting comment that no matter how many times she wuked herself out at a session, she just couldn't find a good man.


Keep your standards high, Idren Gordon. Do not settle for a high maintenance, low morals gal.

And, yes, Tami is correct.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

this has been going on a long time now. It is our wild version of "girls gone wild". Who can skin out and bruk out in the most shocking way.

Life is boring and people need something to do. In "Di Business" people always have to one up each other.

Lady Roots I agree totally with what you said. Some men might want relations with these women but no relationships.

If you are going to be daggered by different men don't do it in public, do it in private:)

Lets just remember that some of this is what many in dancehall culture regard as just creative fun, but to each his or her own

straight daggering

Wow... that is pretty wild... sex with your clothes on... ?

oh. dear. me.
I'm sure you could get some sort of stress fracture from that.

mmmhhmm I wonder if it works the other way? Let's "dagger" some of these men on car hoods see what happens LMAO

Do those girls think it's still fun when they would get raped?

I know things are changing all the time but this is pure sex, not dance.


Well said Lady Roots!! Extremely base and barbaric!!The cheapening and vulgarization of women.The name of the dance is so grotesque and violent.Indeed,alienation and boredom is definitely a causal factor.Most of these young women, apparently,are alienated from self,families, and communities to be behaving this obscene manner.ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID

I agree with all the sentiments thus far concerning "daggarin" (not daggering).

So my comment is about the tight, red, 3/4, low cut, capri looking pants the male dancer had on ... I find this whole tight pants "fashion" to be full of shit and faggotry. Is it any wonder that male - male rape (outside of prison) is on the rise? I hear St. James has it bad now.

(P.S. - homosexuals reading this should not be offended, i have no problem with you. faggots are completely different creatures. much like a negro and a nigger.)

It looks to me like extreme dirty dancing. Nasty.

Lawd have mercy!, and to think that this is on Youtube for the whole world to see!!!

GC there have been many cases of pelvic fracturing because of the daggarin dance, first we crick our necks from dutty wine, then we break our penises...i wonder wats next?

Yikes! That makes my back hurt just looking at it. Why would anyone want to have such frantic, "thrusty"-sex is one issue but who the hell has the energy to work up themselves like that in a dance?

I must be getting old because back in my day the butterfly was considered freaky. Lol!

This is just the heights of slackness. I HATE IT!

Its disgusting, nasty, yadda, yadda. This is what Jamaica has come to nowadays and make no mistake, they are exporting it. They had a dance over here in Cayman and they posted a video on Youtube with the same nastiness and it was the hot topic everywhere, with people wondering what could be done to prevent this stuff from taking place. It was even discussed in the Legislative Assembly! Parents need to take back control, in cases where the people involved are underage.
I suspect that things will get much worse in Ja. before they get better though.
It will have to become like Sodom and Gomorroh before any changes are made, I guess.

They have a name for such foolishness, interesting...tis crazy stuff, I totally agree with you....I've seen girls being violently bent all sorts of ways, and soon there will be some sort of calamity, men don't realise how rough their being until someone get's hurt...foolishness

I'm not even going to watch the video. I already read the news account of the students who decided to organize a private daggering session of their own. I don't know what else we expect to take place.

There's nothing creative about this dance; on one hand, its just a hyped version of what's been happening for a long time. On the other hand, the tremendous boredom as well as the inability to distinguish between private and public acts of sexual pleasure is at play. For the past decade at least, it seems as if everything about sex is subject to public debate and villification. Individuals are not treated as if we are entitled to any privacy lest we are doing something that the public disapproves of. So then, it should be completely fine with us that there is no such distinction being made in and by those doing the daggering. After all, we wouldn't want these people to be doing these things in private would we? At least we all get to see. I think you can see the problems that we are creating by our inability to talk about sex in a useful way.

As is becoming increasingly evident, neither young women nor young men can distinguish between the "Daggering" types of sexual performance that take place in the dancehall and the gang rape or "batterying" that take place outside of dancehall. All this in a moment when sexual violence is within earshot of everyone.

I wish you had pulled that girl aside, Lady roots, but I also don't think she would have heard you. She can't get a man and has found a way to satisfy herself sexually. But the method she has chosen is going to work against her in many ways, not just on the respectability angle that others here are trumpeting. It would be nice if young women could pursue other options for their sexual pleasure that did not make them such easy targets for men.

Yes Nana, I agree with you. I do think men would read this very differently if they were being daggered, than doing the daggering. We wouldn't have the dance to begin with. Women should volunteer to dagger them and see how they take it.

The name is enough to repel a person. But, remember, Lady Saw did popularize a certain kind of violence associated with sex. Rough sex is one thing. Violent sex is not about sex; its about something else entirely, and we see signs of that "something else" in the newspaper everyday.

We have long been at the point where we glamourize violence, even making it sexy. So, this is not so a hard transition to make in popular culture. What else is coming our way? Cutting? Auto-asphyxiation? Stay tuned.

Just when you think dancehall can't go any lower, you get another shocker. This is the most revolting thing I've ever seen in the name of entertainment. All those who are promoting it should be ashamed of themselves. The women who allow themselves to be treated like this are really suffering from low self-esteem.

OH LAWD!!!! This is bad. This is so inappropriate. I am actually embarrased for these young people, especially the women. These girls have no idea what this is doing to them. These kids need direction. What happened to the good old days when the dancehall moves were actually fun to do? This is not dancing.

to all u people who lash out on daggering need fi go look pon ono dutty life and si if it no need re arranging as jesus said those without sin cast the first stone i am sure you guy have something in your lives that raise eyebrows daggering is a dance where a man and woman just have fun and release some of the stress of real world becuz jamaica is really stressing at time u people dont know anything about us we are the most religous,creative,atletic,and friendly people in the world at least daggering in between a man and a woman look at places like canada,some part of the united states, and europe where they promote homosexuality and gambling i that just wrong its illegal,and immoral thats why god destroy soddom and guhmarrow in jamaica we say man to woman that is god plan there nothing wrong with that that how adam and eve got kane and able that is how your parents made you and that is how we multiply this beautiful earth. Jamaica land we love land wood,water and fun. those who lash out on daggering probable cant do it so i will leave you with one thing dont watch us watch your dutty life and si if u nuh si nuttin fi talk bout and change.