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Monday, October 06, 2008

KRW 08 is Going to be Great!

Once again the aroma of scrumptious delicacies will once again permeate the air as Kingston's top restaurants will unleash the culinary skills to a eager throng of Kingstonians! the ordinary citizen of the the working class Jamaica will once again have the opportunity to sample the mouthwatering feast only normally reserved for those with deeper pockets. No there is not a mas increase of bay or mass bonus! It is that time again for the annual Kingston Restaurant Week (KRW)!

KRW 2008 will run from November 8-15 under the theme "Eat. drink. Savour the City". This years urban culinary festival will see the participation of 35 of the city's restaurants offering fixed priced, three course meals, that is appetizer, main course, and dessert, at a 30% discount. The restaurants are grouped into five main groups, partially based on price:

  • Tasty: $1,350
  • High rollers: $1,600
  • Savory: $1,600
  • Delectable: $3,000
  • Epicurean: $3,500
This years onslaught of restaurants includes the big names as Mac's Chop House, Columbus Restaurant and Strawberry Hill and Red Bones Blues Café, just to name a few. But if these big names sound financially intimidating then there is a great selection of other wonderful restaurants to choose from. Click here to see a full list of the participating restaurants.

So whether you are on a tight budget or you have a little change to treat yourselves, there is a price range for everyone, and an opportunity for you to sample some of the city's many cuisines. Reservations for the event started on October 4, 2008, nuh linga, make your choice now and dine in style for less!

11 commented:

lol.this may show how slow I am but I finally realised what nuh linga means

Enjoy KRW

Enjoy KRW, looks like it will be fun.

jee i look fwd to KRW every year and participate but the prices a tek time creep up! I was hoping this would be the year im able to get into macs...its usually int he $2300 range now its $3500

hmmmmm i guess for macs its still worth the "try out"

now to try and get a reservation!

does the blues cafe have live blues?

Last year I got tricked, but I am all for second chances, so this year I hope to be wowed.

Looking forward to it. Great write-up you've done.

lol@ Abeni.

KRW was an excellent idea! Love it!

It looks expensive and delicious.


I think it look really tasty and delicious says that most of the food we eat is true our eyes... :)

I'm never there for it...and I missed Observer Table Talk awards too. Darn rain spoiled my parade.

Stunner, pls change the link to my website. I am now a dot net instead of a dot come. Does that make me any different??