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Monday, November 03, 2008


I went to bed about 2:00 am on Thursday morning after just watching a little TV, only to be awaken at about about 5:00 am by a loud crashing sound, one of the loudest thunders I have ever heard. But as I am not afraid of a little thunderstorm and since I was really tired I quickly fell back asleep. I woke up later in the morning and after making some breakfast I sat down to eat in front of the TV, i took up the remote and pressed the power button, but nothing happened! No static, so sound, no picture, the entire TV was dead!

I tried the button on the TV, in total disbelief, everything else was on: the DVD, the cable box, the radio had power... but the TV was still not turning on. I reset the switch on the power strip and that didn't solve the problem. Then that awful, feeling crept in and I sunk to a new low, when I finally accepted the fact that the TV was hit by a power surge. Then, could feel my big jackass ears grow longer as I though to myself, "... this is a power strip, it doesn't offer any @$@!&@%! protection, stupid!". You see I had the TV and other stuff in the power strip 9also called power tap), while the computer and computer related stuff were in the real surge protector. I was supposed to have bought another surge protector for the TV and other entertainment electronics, but just never remembered to do it.

Now I have to pay the ultimate price for my stupidity and absent mindedness. I called the repair man who came on Saturday to look at the TV, he changed a rectifier that was shorting but that didn't work either. He whisked away the TV to perform further surgery, but has advised me that the microprocessor seemed to have took a hit and will need a replacement. Hopefully this doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to fix and I certainly don't have the money to go buy... oh Lord... buy and new one!

Today is Monday and I'm still without my TV, bored as hell! Even though I don't watch TV that much, it just feels like such a big loss without it, like a void in my life and especially a void on my TV stand! To ensure you guys don't make this stupid mistake I have posted a few pics and make sure you all have a surge protector not a power tap!

Real surge protector I had the computer on.

Real surge protector/voltage regulator I now have the computer on.

Evil impostor power tap I had the TV on (beware)!

Choose wisely my friends and get a real surge protector!

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I can't live without a tv at all. It's a family menber:)

my deepest condolences Stunner, I can only imagine the lost. How are you holding up especially now with the US election coverage or what ever you like to watch?

This has me thinking and worried. I am checking my TV and computer to make sure because I can not afford the lost, as you said if either one is non functional there is a big void.

Keep your chin up my friend, there is a TeeVee out there for you if this one doesn't pull through

I hardly watch TV but I can feel your pain... hope it will not cost you too much money !

@Abeni: I know the feeling all to well.

@Dutty: thanks mi brethren, if I don't get it back tomorrow I will have to camp out at someone's yard to watch it.

@Sidney: I really hope it doesn't! :(

Idren Stunner,

OUCH! I know that hurt.

Thanks for the warning. I am going to Mandeville today and buy a real surge protector for the TV because my husband would vex and cuss bad wud if he couldn't watch every second of the election coverage.

As a Jamaican, he can't even vote in their elections, but he sure is pulling for Obama to win.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

"Then, could feel my big jackass ears grow longer as I though to myself, "... this is a power strip, it doesn't offer any @$@!&@%! protection, stupid!"."


lol poor u
i have everything hooked up to a tap thingy too...hmm...

there's always good ol courts to go "trust" one from if anything stunner :D

Hush; I do feel sorry for you :-) Its one thing if you chose not to turn on the TV. Its a whole nedda ting when mother nature makes the decision.

How to fill that void created by the absence of the TV? Well, maybe you can do a little reading, or sit quietly and remember what it is like to listen to the sound of the curtain being blown by the breeze, or listen to the radio or some music, or even talk to someone face to face instead of side by side while both sets of eyes are glued to the telly. You have an opportunity to be human again, rather than allowing yourself to be manipulated by the boob tube. Who knows, you may start enjoying your own company again.

Boy that certainly does suck!!

I guess it's time to curl up with a good book (especially with the rain), or go out with the guys. LOL :)

lol I have 4 of those power taps and no surge protectors.. I guess my day will come soon too.