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Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Times Indeed!

It was indeed a good time at Good Times on Saturday night! The music was right, the turnout was just right, and the vibe was great! I arrived at approximately midnight with my JM$800 (US$10) admission in hand and joined the line which was a bit long, however it moved along rather quickly. I had intended to buy the ticket before, but due to how I was feeling on Friday and even earlier in the day on Saturday, I wasn't sure I would make it to Good Times. But by Saturday night I was feeling about 85% better so after getting phone call at about 11:30 from one of my coworkers expressing how the vibe was right, I decided to head out.

The music bouncing from the turn tables made it hard for you to resist shaking your legs as the DJ's played one good tune after the other. The music spanned over three decades of hits from all genres of music and the crowd just kept eating it up with one forward (expression of acceptance) after the other. I totally enjoyed myself as I danced until both my under shirt and shirt were wet. I didn't have much to drink nor did I have any hard liquor, just a Heineken and a Guinness due to the fact that I took a dose of Panadol Multi-symptom about six hours earlier.

The music played and the dancing continued until some minutes after four in the morning... well for me at least as that was the time we left. Even then a few patrons were still rocking to the music that continued to play. The only bad thing is that I had work at eight in the morning! So I had only a few hours to catch a nap for work. Let me tell you, that was the longest nine hours I spent at work, by the end of the day I was a walking zombie. Suh yuh know who nah do nuttin like dis again! But I did have fun, it was definitely Good Times!

7 commented:

So Heineken and guiness isn't alcohol again? Heh hey! So why you don't drink it at work then?! ;-)

Anyway, glad you had a nice time Mr. Stunner.

Lol, that was common for me back in the day; i feel old saying that. I used to just leave parties, go home shower, eat breakfast and then head to work. Eventually it catches up, but nothing beats a good party.

you're tough. Sick and partying? That's dedication.

Good For you, I've been taking my tail out more often, and it has done wonders for my spirit, but in Toronto we have the weather to contend with...

I need one of those parties right now....I always get the shiteous DJ jus don't know how to flow. Or the "selector" who runs the track back bout a hundred times, cuts the music and only wants to hear himself.....


Work out that sickness.

My grandmas use to make eat the vick's

Alcohol for Stunner must be screwdrivers and ting.