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Sunday, November 16, 2008

KRW: Guilt Trip

As you all should know by now, Kingston Restaurant Week (KRW) is here and almost all of Kingston is taking the opportunity to dine at the better restaurants for a discounted price. I too am one of the large throng of people who want to enjoy some good food for the right price. This time I didn't have a date, so I opted for a group outing with some of my coworkers and their friends. The destination of choice was Guilt Trip.

I have never had food at Guilt Trip, but I often heard that their pastry was good. So when they suggested that they wanted to go there due to the financial constraints, I agreed as I too am under some financial crunch with the possibility of buying a new TV looming. So it was off to Guilt Trip on Saturday night for a 9:00 pm reservation. by the time I got there it seemed all of Kingston was there as I couldn't find any parking in the plaza, even after circling a few times. It was after deciding to park at the opposite, burger King that the security at Burger King pointed out the additional parking. Now that was settled, it was time to meet up with the group and start the eating of the delicacies they had. Or so I thought...

The KRW special menu had multiple choices for the appetizer, entree` and dessert, but I found that the choices for the entree` wasn't that much appealing. The appetizer wasn't too bad, it was a bit of a tease as it was decorated gourmet style and of course just as small as gourmet style servings. I don't remember what it was called, but it had a selection of meats.

The appetizer

After having my appetite stirred and waiting for what seemed to be an eternity, it was time for the main course. I had selected the Divine Swine Burger with Sweet Potato Fries, being a pork lover, and being flustered by the lack luster choices of entree's. I'll just say, it was a good thing I was hungry, else that meal wouldn't have made it past the first two bites. And worse of all, they don't serve freaking Ketchup... what the ra..! It was good that we had a complimentary Stinger, Ting mixed with Smirnoff Vodka, so had a little alcohol to calm our nerves.

The Divine Swine Burger... far from divine! This looks a lot better!

The Entree` one of my friends had... maybe that would have been better.

After that disappointing main course it was time for the dessert. this should be good, I thought, as Guilt Trip is known for its pastry. I could not resist selecting the Black Forrest Cake and was very optimistic that this would pleasure my dissatisfied palate. The slice of cake looked oh so tempting and mouthwatering, but looks were deceiving, and yet another disappointment! The cake was like a light sponge, and seemed as if chocolate sauce wasn't all over it, it would just float out of the plate! Some of my friends too the Cheese Cake, which wasn't too bad, as I had to taste it to help my palate forget the awful experience of the Black Forrest "Sponge" Cake.

Black Forrest "Sponge" Cake... totally and deceivingly awful!

Guilt Trip certainly lived up to it's name, as I felt so guilty for spending my money on their food! The best thing was the Stinger and the appetizer, but they ruined my KRW. I'm highly doubtful I will go to any other restaurant for KRW as I am almost sure by now that I will have to buy a new TV. One thing is for sure though, Guilt Trip is one trip I will never take again!

19 commented:

you ordered burger at a restaurant and you complaining? tsk tsk

That's just how poor the choices were. I wouldn't have ordered it if I had a better choice.

Its half to lunch. The food looks good though it sounds like it was below your expectations.

Love the pics and thanks for being at mine's.

Sorry you had such a negative experience. And y'know, I had thought about going there, but when I saw the menu, I didn't think my stomach could handle the combination of different sauces in some of the entrees.

But don't let one bad experience stop you. The next time might be unexpectedly delightful. :)

Stunner - hush! I have learned that not all restaurants can handle all the publicity of events like KRW. GT appears to be one of them. I don't eat much there - some soup maybe; they also do a nice fruit salad. I really go there for the tamarind cheesecakes which is the bomb! That with a cup of coffee. Oh my!

Wait deh likkle!? Wha' dem mean dem no serve ketchup?? Busha browne love apple sauce nuh good enuf fi dem? Den a wha dem a serve burger fah? Now dat woud really mek me affi lef di place!

You and your torture posts,....


ooh sorry for the caps just realizing

but yeah, my KRW experiences were pretty bad as well (waterfalls and acropolis) next time i'll stick to the evil i know, rib cage and red bones anyone?

Too bad... but the food doesn't look bad on your pictures!

That how it usually is. These restaurants are mostly about image and atmosphere and less about the actual food. Sorry about the bad experience.

hahahahahahaha...hush yute

always wanted to attended KRW...maybe next years i will, but strictly Japanese restaurant for me.

oh no...but a weh yuh expec? yuh guh di ppl dem restaurant during cheap week...yuh never expec cheap tasting food?

how much did it cost? if you don't mind me asking?

I have to agree with Leon. IMHO half of the supposedly "high end" resturants are selling atmosphere and nothing more, because half their food is disgusting. Using olive oil rather than soya oil, and sautéing and calling it gourmet does not make it so. There are certain places that need to be complimented and then there are other places to be avoided unless you're going only for their specialty. I took my empress here for her birthday last year. It was amazing at night being right on the cliff edge and feeling the waves crashing into it, and they had lights in the water and you could see the fish swimming around, combine that with some candles and you had a price tag on the meal going into several hundred US. But they couldnt cook a steak to save their lives, it was downright horrible. They had excellent patstry for dessert, but still ...

I find that mid level resturants are the best. Somewhere expensive enough to deter the masses, but cheap enough they know they need to get the food right to bring people back.

It all looks good to me. A bit fancy, but good.

Whatever happened to La Kabana? That's where you should have gone:)

Black Forrest cake a disappointment? Shock and horror!

the food look great.I am in one of those nyamathon phases.

I'll give it a try when I get there next year.

Red Bones was decent. Thought about Guilt Trip as well and now am happy I avoided it.

The only hi-end restaurant I have been to that has NEVER disappointed me no matter how many times I have gone is Norma's on the Terrace. But when we fi'n out seh di o'le time me deh nyam dem banana bread me coudda get it nuff nuff an free cau se a mi fren whe' bake it, me almost ded wid laugh. Still, this place is worth every last nanny whe' yuh pay; no feisty, half-assed table service; just nice, decent, pleasant people who leave you alone and genuinely seem to enjoy what they do. I could not say that about Guilt Trip. Its especially nice to go when you have the whole verandah to yourself. Don't even hesitate.

@gishungwa: That's it, only looks.

@Jamaican Dawta: At least now I know where never to go again!

@longbench: Lets hope they only cracked under the pressure and this isn't how their food normally is. Nevertheless less, mi nah go back. Worse like how dem nuh have nuh ketchup!

@Crankyputz: Just one of the many afflictions.

@Pepper: I really wish you had! Went to Rib Cage last year, it was good.

@Sidney: Thanks.

@Leon: Can say that about Guilt Trip.

@Jamaipanese: You should!

@NadYaDee: My experience last year at Rib Cage was good, so it's not about cheap week. This is their chance to show off their food, not run people. JM$2200 I think, inclusive of tax.

@townecrier: Maybe they are expecting the atmosphere and ambiance will distract you from the taste of the food. lol!

@justacoolcat: Only looks my friend.

@Abeni: I only want to go to restaurants that I have never been to during KRW. Shock and horror indeed, they spoiled a black forest cake!

@Dutty: LOL!

@Rev Island: KRW or Guilt Trip?

@Ann (MobayDP): Might try Red Bones next yr.

@longbench: Sounds nice, I have heard the same thing too. I guess I have to start saving to try it out.