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Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Random Roundup

New TV
So as I have expressed before, my good ole TV was hit by a surge cause by lightning. So after committing my TV to more than two weeks of electronic resurrection at the repair man, I finally gave up. Everyday I called I got another excuse, and if your electronics are giving such a hard time to fix, might as well you write it off as a loss. So after waiting two and a half weeks, I decided to go get myself a new TV. When I went to the jewellery store, yes those same Syrian/Indian stores, and almost all the TVs inside were LCD flat TVs! Since I had a 27 inch TV before, I couldn't go smaller and the same size LCD flat TV was at least JM$60000 (US$780). Too much over my budget which is half that price! So I decided to get the newer Sharp slim CRT TV which is slimmer than the original CRT TVs (the type TV most of us still have). The TV looks pretty much like the new LCD flat TV from the front and has a slightly sharper image. But this TV is like one of those "pretty dunce" girls back in primary school. All looks and not much features as it lacked a S-Video port and a headphone outlet, which my former Toshiba TV had. Of course I didn't notice until I bought the TV, as I was assuming it would have all these features considering it is newer than my previous TV. Note to self, again, stop ^!%@^@&! assuming!

Sick Like Dog
After being Flu-free for over a year, I finally succumbed to an attack which took out a few of my coworkers, and now I am sick like dog. It all began on Wednesday with what seemed to be a sinus attack, but by Thursday evening a work I started to feel like crap. By the end of my shift in the night I was feeling cold, a sign of a fever and I was feeling really out of it. Since I had be so resistant for so long, I didn't have any Panadol Multi-symptom in my medicine chest. I stopped by a few gas stations in the wee hours of the morning, but no luck finding any Panadol Multi-symptom. So I opted for the closest thing an Advil Cold and Sinus. It seems to have stopped the fever and I feel a whole lot better today, even though I have an occasional cough. I armed myself with some Vitamin C and some Panadol Multi-symptoms today. I am still considering going to the doctor to get some cough syrup prescribed just in case the cough gets annoyingly worse. Hopefully I will be better by tomorrow so I can go to Good Times. If I do then you will know as that will be the next post.

More Magna Liquor
On a brighter note, I got another Magna cheque, which means my liquor collection has grown once again. I decided to get myself a Smirnoff Twist Green Apple Vodka and a Ponche Kuba! Now my liquor collection is looking more like a real liquor collection, yay! So if you all want to drop by for a drink you're more than welcomed. After buying the Smirnoff Twist Apple Vodka I got an idea for a new mixed drink! Subtle Deception Martini, as you hardly notice the liquor in the drink. A mix of Smirnoff Twist Apple Vodka and Ocean Spray White Cran-peach, as illustrated below.

Subtle Deception (Martini)
2 parts Smirnoff Twist Green Apple Vodka
3 parts Ocean Spray White Cran-peach
1 Slice green apple

17 commented:

good to see you got the new TV. Perfect time for the flu and some vodka

When yuh get some white rum, I will stop by!! Nuff respect star!

lol. betta you did weight and buy a good HD tv. your gonna be stuck with that one forever. YOu can buy a extension that gives you a svideo port. Does it even have picture in picture? split screen?

I neeeeeeed me a 40+" lcd tv. lol I would gwan save till I could afford something other than a crt.

@Dutty: Man it certainly came in handy in my sick state.

@ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID: White rum deh yah long time! What would the collection be without white rum?

@owen: It would be good to get a HDTV, but that price too high star! No PIP or split screen. Never been a big fan of PIP. I need to go get one of those extensions.

@Adrain: Easier said than done when you at least have a TV.

Wow, you guys need to all hang out!
First and foremost stunner, why would you not check out what features the TV has before purchasing it? Compulsive buyer much?

Secondly, aww hushies on the flu thing. I still haven't gotten sick all year yet, but i found it funny that right after speaking about meds and stuff, you went straight into alcohol talk. Real drunkard. Just make sure you give your body a few days to clear of the sickness and the meds before you sip on your drink creation.

Wow...quite a transition from the drugs to the liquor...tee hee...

My TV died, and everywhere I go, there are no more for sale with the big backs. Mek me vex, for I am not ready for the flat screen business! Hmprh.

I need a TV now myself. I am going to wait till I camn splurge on the flat screens tho. Of course, I can afford to wait, there are three (big back) TVs here already (tho one is so itty-bitty that I might as well not count it).

buying a TV that is not HD widescreen flat as a pancake is like buying a car without power windows - its not necessary but it sure tastes better

Hey Stunner,is that you doing the voice over!!?

"pretty dunce" long time I don't hear that expression. Hurry up and get better, y'hear.

hush sickie! Mek sure yuh deh tek di right medication fi di right ting! Whites good fi everyting an good fi nuttn at the same time.

As fi di TV - I should have your trials and tribulations - as long as mi cya'n see di pikcha, me nuh mi'n. Me nuh w'aa nutt'n bigga dan 27 inch inna mi house. Afta anno flim show me deh?? When me w'aa big screen, me use a projector.

Fancy booze...where yuh live again? Oh sorry to hear 'bout the ill health, I can bring Panadol Multisymptom in excahnge for other drugs. Think on it:)

@Tami: No not compulsive, just assumed wrong. Keep doing what yuh doing to stay Flu-free.

@Mighty Afroditee: the big back CRT TVs are going extinct. The only problem is that the new flat LCD TVs are still too expensive.

@Mad Bull: I would suggest you do that, just work with the ones you have until you can afford the LCD. If mine wasn't broken i would work with it as long as it would have lasted.

@Owen: HD is certainly pretty, but the price isn't!

@ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID: No, it's an add-on.

@Jacqueline: real ole school one dat lol!

@longbench: Well old time people always suggest a likkle whites, lol! I like my TV with features, but when the pocket nuh have much features, I can work with just being able to watch the TV.

@Emanicipated?: LOL! Nuh worry yuh can stop by anytime!

Thank God you finally have a new tv. Dunno how you survived so long still.

we keep getting liquor invites and no address....and you KNOW seh green apple a mi favrite....struups mi bex