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Friday, November 28, 2008


No this is not a photo I stole from a porn website, but one of several very provocative pictures that surfaced in the media of Dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel and Spice, scantily clad and skin to skin! These pictures were so compramising that it is reported by The Star that Spice's boyfriend and Baby's Father was pretty upset! Upset to the point that it is reported that Spice was beaten by her upset boyfriend! It seems the photos were a part of a promotional photo shoot for a new song, Rampin Shop, the artistes did together. But it seems due to the graphic or should I say the pornographic nature of the photos, Spice's boyfriend didn't take it lightly. I woulda bex to fi si my girl skin to skin dem way deh wid a nest man! If you are interested you can click here to view the rest of the photos, and jusdge for yourself.

Old ride (left) and my new ride (right)

What are the odds of you ending up parking your new car right beside your old car that you sold? Well, that's exactly what happened on Wednesday when I went to the gym. At first all I saw was an empty parking spot and I rushed to get it, backed and stepped out of the car. But then I noticed something, A familiar sight, a dark green 1998 Honda Civic sedan. On close inspection I noticed it was my old ride! I must admit the guy I sold it to did some fixing up, new rims, lower profile tires, cleaned up the headlights and the car was looking pretty decent! A sight like this doesn't occur everyday, so I just had to take a picture.

Another weekend has dawned upon us and signals the end of another week, damn the the time is going by fast! Well after my daring partying and working last week, I will be taking it easy this weekend. Well not really, as I have work all weekend, but no plans of partying this time though. Enjoy unuh weekend crowda people!

5 commented:

Damn! I'd be vexed too, but I wouldn't beat her! I'd ask for a shoot with Kartel's girl in exchange! The rides look similar. You're right. He did quite a bit of fixing up.

lawd have mercy mi would past vex. Pics look so cheaply done too...maybe I think that because I am learning photography.

When you ready to change you ride again gimmi a call, 2009 is the year of a car for me(hopefully)

he beat her,

I always have a saying, you can beat me, but don't fall asleep....


Stupes, rant and rave if you must but keep your hands to yourself!

I agree, it looks staged like part of a media shoot.

You have to wonder if the rumors are true or more publicity.