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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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At this time of the year the temperature is certainly a whole lot cooler and some even say they can already feel the Christmas breeze blowing in the air. The plazas and shopping centres have started to become more busy as more people stroll through these areas as the weekends progress to the biggest shopping time of the year. But this is not the only thing that this time of the year is known for!

Other things are blowing through the air, yes words, insults, challenges and hints of lyrical wars! Yes even though the time has cooled significantly since the winter (or should I say cooler season as we are in the Tropics) things are certainly heating up in the musical arena. Artistes have been dropping words, hurling insults and even subtly challenging each other. But what could be causing this sudden upsurge of competition?

Well my friends, what has been staged as "The greatest one night show on earth", Sting, is drawing close! But you may ask how could a stage show cause so much drama? Well sting is well known for controversy and the inevitable "clashes" among rival Dancehall Artistes. These "clashes" are mainly lyrical warfare among artistes with artistes crafting lyrics that will appease to the fans more than the other artiste but at the same time insulting the rival. But, words at times have turned to violence as proven in the on stage fracas between Vybz Cartel and Ninja Man in recent times.

Now it's 2008 and December is drawing near so all the ill feelings during the course of the year are reaching their climax. Vybz Cartel is throwing words against his former mentor Bounty Killer and his group of Dancehall Artistes called the Alliance, which Vybz terms as the "appliance". Vybz cartel has also been even challenging is nemesis Mavado with insults on the latest Entertainment Report (ER) last Friday. Merciless has also been sounding the alarm, as he seeks to make his comeback on the Dancehall scene. Ninja Man has not been his usual self and has remained quiet thus far, but don't be surprised if this changes within a few weeks! No doubt more challenges will be issues before December 26, 2008 when many Jamaicans will be filing into the Jamworld Entertainment Centre in Portmore, to see the culmination of the battle taunts.

7 commented:

Bwoy, mi sorta tired of dem foolishness deh! Full time fi di DJ dem fi move beyond that!

I totally agree MB. Dem need fi just leave the waring and sing songs fi mek the people dem feel good and enjoy themselves.

I tune in each year to see who get shandy bottle.Am i a bad person because of this? :)

Idren Stunner,

Why would a rational person spend hard-earned money to knowingly place themselves in a venue where flying bottles and bullets are the norm? Sting isn't considered a success unless there are a few casualties to report!

I believe warmongering on stage is a tactic used by a performer who needs to distract the audience from his lack of musical or lyrical talent.

Is me seh so!

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Publicity stunts.Look how we discussing them:)

"appliance" LOL what would Alliance call the Portmore empire?