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Monday, December 01, 2008

World AIDS Day 2K8

Today is World AIDS day, a day when the world pays even more attention to the ruthless killer. A killer disease that knows no bounds and respects no life, man, woman, father, mother, child, it kills indiscriminately. HIV/AIDS has made such an impact on our world's societies, since it first manifested itself and it still continues to claim many lives despite the desperate attempts of our leading researchers.

According an estimated 33 million people worldwide are infected with HIV/AIDS, which is a staggering number! But even worse is that there are a lot of persons living with this infection and don't even know. This is also so true of our tiny island Jamaica and many of our neighboring Caribbean islands. Despite the many AIDS campaign and effort to curb the rate of infection, this malady continues to grow like an unstoppable monster. The indicated global trend shows that the number of infected persons is growing at an alarming rate every year.

While scientist attempt the impossible of finding a cure and the most plausible task of making a vaccine, this disease will continue to ravage humanity, the most we can do is to take steps to protect ourselves from ever contracting the disease. I know we all have heard the three major ones before, but I guess it doesn't hurt to repeat:

  • Stick to on faithful uninfected partner
  • Use a condom
  • Practice abstinence
We are all affected by this disease in some way or the other as it is a worldwide disease and not limited to any nationality or ethnic group. So let us always protect ourselves from this killer disease. Also HIV/AIDS does not discriminate, so neither should we, and as such we should treat people living with this disease as a fellow human beings.

Condolences to the families who have lost loved ones to HIV/AIDS and my sympathy goes out to those who are suffering from this terrible disease.

8 commented:

Strangely I expected more to be infected. I guess the old myth of being able to tell by looking is mostly to blame. A few years back, I heard my friend saying the same thing, a supposedly intelligent fellow.

We will not forget that the risk is always there. Take care and thank you for remembering.

overall the rate of infection are going down especially in developed country. Africa however is an very sobering case.

Although there are better vaccine I hope there is a silver bullet that will effectively stop AIDS.

Its amazing how we discriminate against those who are infected with AIDS and at the same time we fail to adapt to measures that will prevent us from been infected. Its good to see blogs like this putting out the message so that Jamaicans can wise up.

I watched a documentary on a girl who had AIDS and the trouble she has having a normal love life...tis a sad affair, good post...

You Know I completely forgot about World Aids day..hangs head. The struggle continues. We just have to educate,educate,educate.

I think it's a nice way to share experience about World AIDS Day 2K8 experiences so it would be helpful for others who are looking for some information about their issues.

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