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Monday, December 22, 2008

Yesterday is History, But It Was Great!

Yesterday is history but it certainly was great flashback to the music that was real music! Great music, great vibes and music that you can actually dance with someone to. The music kept flowing from the speakers with awesome mixes of music from the not too distant past, 90's early 2000. The genres kept the vibes going and ensured that no patron got bored: Dancehall, R&B, Hip Hop and Lovers Rock from the days of my earlier youth. Everywhere you turned you could see people dancing to the music that filled the air at the Mas Camp in New Kingston. Forwards were abundant and the chorus of patrons singing along to their favorite songs from the past, while their waists rocked and wined to the beat.

Since it was Heineken Yesterday, Heineken Beer was free all night long, much to the delight of the partying patrons. I didn't have any beer as I am not that much of a beer fan, so it was mixed drink for me. It wasn't as jam packed as it usually is, but it was still a huge crowd. But the turnout is understandable as there are so many competing events at this time of the year. I had a great time at Heineken Yesterday, as was expected. One thing, Yesterday and Good Times are the real parties, parties where you are guaranteed to have fun! The day one of these events flop, it the last day I go to any party, lol! Yesterday was certainly a good day... or should I say night.

10 commented:

Stunner - Sounds like it was fun. Those songs bring back memories uh.

So wah? The music dem playin' now ah nuh music too? People can dance to dem. Man and woman, together. Is only Jamaican music me see where man and woman ah dance apart, unless is a sex act pon de dance floor, but everywhere else, man and woman a dance to nowadays music...

i've been to many flop good times, its just the turn of the dice with them

i actually made it you know stunner...and if that wasnt packed mi nuh kno what u call pack! maybe i shoulda been standin where u were...

it was fun but i never too like my company so mi never was feeling it much

Stunner,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Did the rhythm get you? Where you at? Hope your Christmas was great. Happy New Year!

Sounds like you were having fun as usual. Merry Christmas ma brotha!

Any session wid 90s music must sell off! I went to the last Yesterday and had myself a blast! It was fabulous. Mi get a chance fi bruk out, wine and gwaaan bad!!