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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Drawing Blank - A Random Post

Wow! I haven't posted in an entire week! It seems I have been drawing blanks for the past week. It just seems I could not find a thing of interest to post about, or maybe I was just too mentally lazy to draft up something. I haven't even visited any blogs, I was busy a one point in the week but for the rest of the week I was just feeling... well blah. I haven't even been posting on my photo blog, it seems I am suffering from a total blog breakdown. I guess we all go through periods like these... it's not like I'm running out of steam... right?

I have to admit it, I'm hooked, addicted... yes I am officially a junkie. No, I'm not addicted to any illegal substance like coke, crack or heroine, but to Scrabble! Ever since I discovered Scrabble on Facebook, I have been playing almost every day! I have to be busy not to play Scrabble... maybe they should make Scrabble illegal. Scrabble is one of my favorite board game, just below Monopoly and Chess... wait it may just be above Chess right now! I have been trying to limit myself to only one or two games per day so I can actually have a productive day and not waste away in front of the PC playing Scrabble.

After my last post, I recalled even more cartoons from my past that I used to enjoy watching! I can't believe I forgot to list these on my last post... must be signs that I am really getting old. Anyway without further ado here they are:

Hope you all had a great weekend and are now ready to take on another week as the yeas draws to a close. Can you believe 2008 done already!!!

6 commented:

one week break is hardly a bad thing. Don't start worrying yet.

I haven't tried the facebook scrabble ap yet

on a matter of your added cartoons all I will say (or should i say sing) is "deep deep in the forest everywhere, lived a tiny bunch of little critters they're called the Paw Paw Bears..." :P

Stunner. Its a extremely mild case of bloggers block, nothing to worry about.

I haven't had the urge to post anything either..just feeling blah myself.I am yet to play Scrabble and beat you too:)

@Jamaipanese: Thanks man, I was worried a bit after not being able to come up wit anything over the past week. You should try the Facebook Scrabble it's cool! man that song is just so hard!

@Gussie: Thanks, I feel a whole lot more at ease. that one week of blankness was worrying. Hey, yuh sound like a medicare prover giving a diagnosis! lol! Gussie Clarke Blogologist Practitioner! lol!

@Abeni: Good to know it's not just me. You should join, even though you will not be able to defeat me is Scrabble! But you are welcomed to try to battle against my skills. :)

Boo to Scrabble! The best FB game is Mob Wars. Glad you put Defenders and GI Joe up there. Kudos for being man enough to admit that you watched Paw Paw Bears.

that does sound like a very unhealthy addiction! lol @ trying to limit yourself