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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Portie Trip and A New Notebook

Well Christmas come and gone, and without the usual hype! It seems the Yuletide season has suffered from the global economic downturn also. but despite the drying cash flow I hope you all got a chance to enjoy yourselves over the holidays and the long weekend for you non-shift workers. My holidays... well weren't really holidays as I had to work on both Christmas and Boxing days. But I did get a chance to enjoy the weekend with my spoogie... well one day of the weekend.

Winniefred's Beach Portland.

We went to Portland to soak up some of the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea at Winniefred's Beach and of course to get some of the famous Boston Jerk Pork and Chicken. The North Coast Highway is well on it's way and has almost reached it's final destination at Port Antonio. I must admit, the road feel sweet nuh ratid! driving to Portland has never felt so good, especially since the beginning of the highway construction. The road has been paved all the way up to Norwich, which is only about 10 miles outside of Port Antonio. However, the roadway from Norwich to Port Antonio is nothing to sweat about as it has already been primed for paving so you can still drive with relative comfort. I guess Portland will be seeing more of me next year! Road trip anyone?

My new HP Pavilion dv5

On another note, I have received my new notebook, yay! I decided to get myself the HP Pavilion dv5, which was on special earlier this month. My older notebook is well... old. It was getting a bit slower, but it was also running out of hard drive space, not because of files, but because of the programmes installed and I didn't have a DVD burner. So I decided I need to get a newer notebook with better specs. I found this awesome deal on the HP website and so I decided to grab it. The specs include 4GB RAM, 2GHz dual core Pentium processor, 320GB Hard Drive, DVD burner and a built in web cam, all enclosed in a sleek design. All of this for just over US$600. So I am currently in the process of moving my files as I have already installed my programmes. In fact I am writing this post using my new notebook and the keys feel great as I type. Well of course it is running Windows Vista, as Windows XP is almost extinct these days and the only problem I have with this notebook is that it doesn't warn you that the battery is running out of charge, it just goes to sleep. This should be able to keep me for the next three years... or longer based on this economic climate.

10 commented:

pcs are boring and never changing

@Owen: Maybe the next time I'll take the jump to a Mac.

its not really a mac thing, its just the same-o-same-o windows even with 4gigs of RAM. 10 years ago 4gigs of ram would be unthinkable.

@Owen: Well that's true... hmm maybe Window 7 will be better. Memory has come a long way, 10 years ago even 1G was unthinkable for a PC.

Stunner, I'm going to send you an email with the PC of the future ... I think you might like it :)
I need a notebook myself as I'm still working with a desktop. HP seems to be the way to go so I'll check out your model.

Best wishes for the new year stunner, you and your spoogie.

Yes road trip in the new year i say!!

Going your usual parish hopping and fine dining, with your spoogie this time? Plus a new notebook? No recession is your neck of the woods Stunner. Happy New Year.

Lucky you, getting a new laptop. Wish you the best for the new year!! like that term. Next time I land in JA Portie is a road trip I am taking.