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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Celly Celly Christmas!

The cellphone market here in Jamaica has certainly heated up in these cooler months, nearing the Christmas season. Ever since the telecoms giant Claro came into the Jamaican market, it has been stirring some serious waves, waves that has disturbed the smooth sailing of the "bigger, better network", Digicel. Both mobile providers have gone all out and have launched an attack against each other with the aim of pleasing the Jamaican mobile consumers.

It is rumored that Digicel went into one of Claro's strongholds and caused an upheaval as it snatched some of Claro's customers. This no doubt angered Claro, who came to Jamaica with one thing on it's mind, revenge! And with that in mind Claro bought out then Miphone, the smallest player in the Jamaican market and has taken aim at Digicel. Now it seems the battle is on as Claro fights to gain customers and Digicel fights to retain it's share of the market. As for LIME (Cable & Wireless), well it's somewhere there in the foggy background trying to grow its market.

This Christmas brought along some serious goodies for telecoms customers in our little cell loving country. LIME started the ball rolling... well, let just say LIME did something first with their single main prize of a whopping US$1 Million! Then Digicel dished out it's Christmas bag with a major prize that promises 14 MIMI coopers for 14 winners, one from each of the 14 parishes in Jamaica. Claro then struck back, by not "mini-mizing", with their grand prize of 9 C-Class Benz! So it seems the Jamaican mobile customers have a lot to look forward to this Christmas season!

Digicel promotions have connected with their market over the past years it has been here and Claro seems to be a quick learner as their promotion looks like it to connects with the local market. With each of these promotions, there are several small prizes, but the main thing is that there are also several grand prizes. This means that everyone has more than one chance of winning the top prize. People are more willing to participate in these promotions when they know they have a better chance of winning something, which works in the favour of Digicel and Claro. Now LIME, seems to be in a completely different world, and seem to be a real slow learner. Well as with the others LIME too has many small prizes, however they are just offering one huge grand prize. Hence only one person can win the grand prize, and not just one person in Jamaica, but just one person in the entire Caribbean! Now what are the chances of me actually winning that grand prize?

One thing is for sure, telecoms customers are excited for the many goodies they can win, as the service providers try to entice with many dazzling prizes. And quite a few customers will be a little happier by the end of the season. Competition is good and we can certainly see it!

PS: There is a related poll at the bottom of the page.

11 commented:

Heh, after doing such an expensive rebranding i doubt they can afford much, albeit, a million us is a friggin lot, i doubt they have that much though, they are looking to gain it from all this promition, good observation though stun

I've been interested in cell phone's affect on Jamaica since the 90's.

Just think of all the ways they've changed the country.

I know by personal experience that tiefing Digicel, while their promotions may be the more appealing, when it comes around to remuneration, they are quite incompetent...but then I suppose I'm biased... I vote for Softbank!

total waste of money, as I said before, give people cheaper rates and better services

I heard about Digi invading Claro's turf too. I love when these guys duke it out! It only means more goodies for us.

but is anybody really switching from Digicel to Claro/LIME? Are the numbers actually moving because of all the promotions and extra marketing?

The Digicrap ppl not doing much over here... Claro, come check out the Cayman Islands nuh?

all me cya'n see is a whole 'eap a digipeeps all ova di blasted place. My minutes are not cheaper, and since I don't win no prize yet, all this is for nought. I might just have to check out claro since I done lost my phone yesterday. A great time to check out the competition I think.

mi caan win nutn nida so waheva...and the inner comforts were certainly not as nice...struups

anyway all this hoopla, claro aint even gon make a dent, jamaica ppl love dem digicel...ppl still a sell iphone fi buy blackberry

i wudnt mind win one a dem laptop deh doa...

Hush Stunner I am winning the USD million dollar prize. Naturally,I will give you a likkle sumpn

Abeni sound like shi need to give us di secret. I am a die hard Digicel customer and mi nah switch fi nutten. It woulda nice fi win but us Post-paid customers always seem to be an afterthought in these competitions so I'll just continue to pay my bill on time and hope mi bus one a dem day ya!