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Friday, October 23, 2009

Still Here... Just A Bit Distracted!

Wait, don't file that missing blogger report! I'm still here, still around and very much still alive! I know I have been a very bad blogger and have been so scarce in the realm of blogging, but I have been somewhat distracted. No I have not found a job as yet, still very unemployed and have unfortunately maintained my bum status. I am still looking though and hoping I will land something very very soon before this money runs out and things get desperate. So what have I been doing to be so distracted?

Well I have been pursuing my photography even more and have been working to improve my skills and trying to be good enough to make a decent change from it. This involves watching several photography courses online and practicing by means of taking lots photographs. I have invested some more money in more photography equipment in hopes that it will improve my photography and start bringing in some form of income if it's even to recover the cost of my investment. You can see mt latest photos here Here is just a sample of my photography work.

Apart from photography I have not been doing much, the rest of the time is spent refining my survival budget and job hunting. Going to bed late and waking up late on a regular basis just seem to make the days go by so quickly. I'm so not used to this being unemployed thing, even after almost three months! Still hoping that will change soon.

Speaking of distractions, I have found that a certain ad has been very good at grabbing the attention of a lot of Jamaican men... I bet you can see why! Check out this Mandingo Ad!

But have no fear I am still around, and I should be back on the blogging scene again as of now. Sometimes a little break is good, but I can't just leave you guys out like that, right!

8 commented:

Your photography is improving leaps and bounds! I have been following on Flickr

@Jamaipanese: Thanks fellow photographer!

You know that I am a fan, Mr. Stunner. Good luck re the job search.

I really hope something happens soon for you

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that ad appears on tv?

BTW hope u get more chances 2 do maternity sets

Always love your pictures,

Interesting ad. What was interesting to me, was the kind of body that is sexy in Ja, vs the rest of the world..

Love the photos. Showed the ad to my workmates and they send their regards LOL.