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Monday, October 30, 2006

I Want to Leave the City Behind

I want to leave,
Leave the hustle and bustle of the city,
Move to the hills where it's quiet,
To the hills where its clear and pretty.

I want to retreat,
Hide away from the horns, the shouting, the constant chattering,
Give it all up for the birds chirping, the rustling of the trees as they caress the trees,
A place I can relax and have no part of the city's beat.

I want to go above the light grey smog and the haze,
I want a view, the breath-taking scenery of the hills,
A place where I can see the moon and the stars as I gaze.

Give me a place where I can find refuge from the daily grind,
Somewhere I can feel inspired,
Yes, a beautiful place on the hills where I can leave the city behind.

Apartment hunt: Update 2
The hunt is still on, I still have not fully secured a place for myself as yet. I had one promising place so far, the Landlord has even agreed to rent me the place, but I am not 100% certain I want to take it. The parking arrangement is not that conducive to my working schedule and the other thing is that I would be living at the same premises as the landlord and is sister. I really don't want to share the same place with the landlord, even though he seems cool. The place is a really nice, new, flat, but I would prefer an apartment. I have to make a decision by this afternoon, so I have a lot to sleep on. Should I settle and make do with this one, or give up certainty for uncertainty and continue searching for something better?
I would love to get a nice place on the hills, but Ill settle for a decent apartment in a decent part of the city. So as my time here dwindles down ever so rapidly, I am still on the hunt. Hopefully, I will find a place that suits me as closely as possible.

14 commented:

I would be living at the same premises as the landlord and is sister

out of the frying pan
and into the fire

don't settle. the right place is waiting for you. keep looking for exactly what you want.

That parkin' bizniz don't sound 2 kosher. If U could get a short-term lease from dem, U coulda buy yourself some more time 2 search, but even then U might still miss out on a better opp'ty. Follow your mind.

Oohhh man Stunner. This has got to get better for you man. It just has to..

Nice poem. Good luck on the search. A house on the hills eh? My, aren't we ambitious?

I lived in the same locale as my landlord, and have made a personal vow never to repeat uch a travesty. You can never seem to personally stamp a place as 'yours' with the LL close by....

Dont settle. Your place will come.


True if you're not desperate, don't settle, remember that your home is your haven so you want it to be as right as possible.

Force yourelf to look a teeny bit longer

Hol tite...doh compromise.

Jus consider if u decide to tek that one, and one nite you at the place with a lass and u a fling down stroke and bed head a lick 'gainst wall....and then you wake the LL and he comes a knocking to tell you to hol it down......enuff said rude yute! ;-)

BTW, I like the rear view photo and as one who lives in the hills (well valley), hill living irie.

my nanny always says Hog wash in first water but I say go where your spirit leads u.. hold out for the good stuff..
Come visit me.. I think u will like the view... :)

Tough it out as long as you can, Stunner! Better must come!

if the sister ugly den it no worth it.

I decided that I was not totally feeling the place, so although I was the landlord's first pick, I declined the offer. So I'm still searching for a more suitable place.