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Friday, October 20, 2006

Dutty Landlord!

Once again Stunner is on the hunt for a new place to rest my head...among other things. The painstaking tasks of: buying The Sunday Gleaner at 12:00 midnight, waking up early on a Sunday morning, making endless futile phone calls, driving to all kinda areas across the corporate area, only to be disappointed by ridiculous prices and substandard places of dwelling are to be repeated once again! It seems I just keep moving, never settled; every year or two I am on the move again! Why? Because of Dutty Landlord!

From the time I moved from Portland to Kingston, in my younger days fresh from University, till now a full fledged Kingstonian, I have never had a good landlord! Is getting a good landlord too much to ask for? Why can't I get one of the good landlords?

I have lived on the same premises with my landlord before, and I vowed after the second experience that never again will I share the same space with a Dutty Landlord! It seems that whenever you live on the same premises as the landlord, appart from imposing endless restrictions and rules, he/she feels they can still do as they please because is their property. The Dutty Landlord feels he can put things anywhere he feels, burn bush (grass) whenever he feels and pound the whole place with his hammer as early as he feels, with no due regard to the tenant. The place belongs to the landlord yes, but from a person decides to rent a place he must understand that he has to give up some of his rights and have consideration for the tenant who is paying to live there. Mi not begging a cotch!

As a result I decided to rent apartments or somewhere where the landlord doesn't live. But even then I encountered problems! It seems it is an universal thing with almost all landlords; they love to collect rent, but never want to repair the place! Why is it that one has to "run dung" (beg and constantly remind) the landlord to fix something that is broken, due to no fault of yours. And when the Dutty Landlord does decide to fix it, he brings his tradesman friend to "bitch up" (temporarily fix the problem in such a way that the problem will reoccur in a short time). Why Dutty Landlord? I am paying you your rent punctually every month, and yet I can't live in some form of comfort!

I can't wait for the day when I'll open the doors to my very own place. God bless that day! Until then, (sigh) I guess I will have to put up with Dutty Landlords and keep moving when I can't tolerate it anymore! Pray for me as I embark on my hunt that I find a good landlord, and a decent place I can afford! And no more Dutty Landlord!

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13 commented:

You sure your landlord ain't from

Its sad when its your own ppl dem, who make ting nah easy, as they make you feel, like it ah you that intrude pun dem space, when you are giving them cash for YOUR PRIVACY!

Get to packing babes, you deserve way betta!

grr well at least you have stories to tell your kids for when you kicking them out the house haha.. jokes.. but still the whole burning bush thing thats so nasty.. and also illegal you shoulda called the fire truck thats what me n my friends do. till they finally got the pic that they shouldn't burn ne thing in my community its illegal after all

I hate when my neighbour burn stuff too and smoke up the whole place. Come to think of it my neighbour can be a real pain when you add the loud music to the equation.

Hope you find a good landlord :)

If U find a "rent-to-own" (U know, assumable mortgage, etc.), that'd prob'ly work out best. Anyway. May the Lord God in heaven cast His unfailing grace on Stunner's search for a comfortable place to rest his head. Lord, we ask this in the mighty name of your son, holy Emmanuel, our saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sorry to hear Stunner. Hope you find a nicer crib of your own woulda even krisser!

I've been lucky I think. I've had only two landlords since I've been on my own and I think they're ok as landlord goes. The first one, lived there for over 5 years without a rent increase, fixed everything promptly. The 2nd one (my present) hmmm, been here 3 yrs and I still wouldn't complain even though she just raised my rent. I'd never live on the same compound with a landlord. Hell no!

Anyway, update your Gela link. I see you commented on my blog but didn't seem to realize that it was the same person. I'm a wordpressite now :)

LOL! No Brooklyn Babe, they aren't from NY, but it seems bad landlords have the same things in common all over.

Yes Taylor, stories about the harsh realities of life, and the cruelty of some people.

I hate it too, Kami, especially when I have clothes drying on the line! And the damn loud music when I want to stleep!

Thanks, very much for the prayer Melody, cause I'm going to need it for the next couple of weeks.

Thanks, Dr.D, me too. I can't wait for the day I get my own!

I need some of your fortune Gela, cause I just can't seem to find a good one. Thanks for pointing out the move, I didn't even notice, lol. Everybody seems to be moving to wordpress. I might move one of these days.

well what if you spend less time at home? maybe that's help or move to portmore!
I hear town houses are nice.

I feel for ya on your plight Stunner. I've had both where the landlords lived on the property and lived a little bit away. Both stunk, both were sloooow on getting repairs taken care of and quick about collecting the rent. My brother and I lived together for a few years before we moved on. Mostly because I'd gotten married and he couldn't find a decent roommate and was forced to move also. But by far, she turned out to have the best attitude and personality of any landlord I ever had. She was pretty cool..

Thank God for still living with parents and an official home owner just waiting for the keys.

I 2nd Sister Melody's prayer for Stunner.

My friend, there is no such thing as a good landlord (unless you count Mr. Furley). There are only tolerable ones.

I hardly spend much time @ home Owen, but when I do spend time there I want to be comfortable. Not A fan of portmore and I ca'nt even afford a decent apt. much more a townhouse!

I wonder if it's a disease that most landlords have, Luke Cage, Landlordasitis maybe?

That's good CD, nothing like your own place! I recon, if I lived with my parents I would be in a good position for my own place. Oh how I wish I was just waiting for the keys to my own home CD (sigh).

Those words seem more true everyday Leon.

i know what you're going through.. I went through a two year season of bad landlords. One building I lived in, turned over management 4 times in one year. I knew it was time to go. Keep ya head up. You'll find that right fit until you can get your own place.