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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Exotic Fotos

As some of you may already know, I have started a new blog! How can Stunner start another blog and he can hardly get time to blog on Stunner's Afflictions? Well, as the name suggests it's a photo blog, I will just be posting my photos on it, with a short comment describing the photo. So it won't be too time consuming, and I should be able to manage that. Ever since I go t the new camera I have been snapping away like crazy, so why not share some of those shots!

Anyway enough long chatting, go and visit my blog at

9 commented:

Very nice photos. Left a comment on Exotic. I have been having problems posting pics at wordpress. Need to fix that.

Nice photos. You've got a good eye. Don't neglect this blog now.

Thanks Cool Destiny! I was trying to mess around with Wordpress and it just wasn't posting the pictures like how I wanted it to. Thanks for dropping by on Exotic, I responded to your comment.

I definately will not neglect this one at all Leon.

Thanks Melody, i hope you'll like the pics,

Thanks Kami, I'm glad you like it.

drats.. there goes asking you to join looking good tho.. loving everything that i see so far.. youd oing the kodak justice a friend of mine owns one. pretty nifty cam. it pwns my fuji

Nicely done Stunner. Makes me want to leave the job, hop on a plane and go see those beautiful species of plants myself. (Cage looks through vacation schedule for next couple of months..)

Wordpress does post the pictures ok. It uploades the pictures and as well it generates a thumbnail photo. When you click the option to insert it into the blog, it inserts the thumbnail picture, so if your picture was sunrise.jpg, it inserts something like "sunrise-thumb.jpg". Simply remove the thumbnail part of the name using the mouse and the backspace keys. Your photo will show up. Let me know if this not clear.

Also, its even easier to post up your pics when you host wrdpress on your own domain.

exoticfotos is irie, Mr. Stunner.

Wordverification : ibfpmmqz

Ah wah do Blogger doah eeeh?

MB, thanks for explaining the posting of pic on wordpress. I managed to post 1 when I just started and haven't been able to post any since.