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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well as you can see today is not Thursday, so the Thursday post didn't work out. I am still under the influence of the time consuming, school work. We actually got a one-week extension on the assignment that has been rocking my brain for the past few weeks. I am nowhere better off than I was when I just started but, one of my classmates claims to have a light at the end if the tunnel. So hopefully the information will help me out.

On the bright side I completed my lab report and handed it in, however I did another lab the same day I handed it in. Not to fret I spent the weekend and shot down that one too, cause you know I have to "stay pon top a tings, top a tings" But this is just the beginning of my stress, as I have to do my major project this year and the deadline for submitting the application is this week and we don't have a project as yet! You noticed I said we, well that is the only bright side...I actually am in a major project group. So the struggle to get the likkle piece a paper fi seh mi qualified continues. Anyway, as the title of the post suggests, this is not the main post, just a side info.

On another note, there is a fowl smell in the air, a smell of fear, of blood, of tears, yes a nasty odor. No I'm not talking about some smelly old socks, it election time around the corner. Yes the two major political parties (a.k.a. bands of thieves) are gearing up and are oiling up the pieces...oops, I mean their political strategies for the upcoming election soon to be announced. The campaigning and indirect campaigning has begun as everyone eagerly awaits the word from Sista P fi fly di gate!

How do I know that election is in the air, no you can’t actually smell it smarty pants, and no it's not the political speeches filled with empty promises, not the careless and numerous awards of contracts to repair the roads, nor is it the regular tours and motorcades across the island. Den how mi know?

It's the recent flare-up of tribal war...I mean political violence in the political strong hold communities. Yes the dreaded Mountain View community and Olympic Gardens are threatening to erupt again! The dormant volcanoes that have been so relatively peaceful seem to have started to send tremours through the corporate area and have even began to spew bloody lava on the streets and to hurl stones of bullets in the air. Other potential political volcanoes are under the radar such as Grant's Pen, Tel-Aviv, Spanish Town, Spoilers, Southside, and the list goes on. Once again our fellow Jamaicans have started to allow political tribalism to divide them and turn them against themselves as they do battle for political dominance. This has been the face of the political scene in Jamaica every time the election wind blows; various garrison communities battle against each other and even within themselves in the name of politics.

There is nothing such as a free and fair election in Jamaica. There is no freedom of movement in certain areas of this island. It's not just the innocent persons in these violent communities who suffer, not only the poor children, but also the whole Jamaica. Like it or not, political violence mars the beauty of this wonderful country. The Peace Management Initiative dubbed the PMI and the Police are trying futilely to put a band-aid on the laceration that political violence has made in the corporate area.

Why must we Jamaicans continue this violent cycle? Is it due to the lack of education why these elements of society war among themselves in the name of politics? Are the politicians to be blamed for the violent political tribalism, by instigating it or not doing anything to curb this malignant soar? What is your take?

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From Portia announced the 438 million expenditure on clean up activities you were on election watch!

I agree with the bull. check the opposition as well they been putting on the pressure alot as of lately then mr patterson talking bout he's coming back in the gaim.. acting like he's jordan or somen o.O....

And then when I say to people I don't think I'll ever move back to Jamaica they get vexed with me. What violence? They ask. Anywhere more dangerous than New York? Well, actually, yes.

I thought it was $650 Mill MB!

Stunner, you have said nuff here.

Damn politics. Don't even get me started. Good luck with the workload.

don't really know who to blame for theelection violence but there is enough for all sides to take a chunk

JA seriously needs a change -- definitely can't continue like this indefinitely! Stunner, U sound like U've found your riddim where de coursework concerned; that's cool.

Stunner, you seemed to handle the load of school work that came your way. Nicely done friend. As for the island politics, I know all too well how corrupt these things can be. You wouldn't have to look any farther than neighboring Haiti to realize this man.

Dr. D is almost right Mad Bull, it was $638 Million!

Yes the opposition has been very early, starting their campaign a long time ago Taylor. PJ look like him nuh have nuttin fi do, bout him a come show support!

Ja is just as dangerous as most cities, in fact New York may be more dangerous. It's just that things get tense in some areas during election time. You just need to avoid certain places and be careful God's Child, and hope you're not in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yeh, Dr. D, long time I haven't dropped a line so I made it meaningful!

LOL, Leon I know the feeling!

Personally, I blame both the politicians and the criminals as well as the poor education system, Kami.

I agree with you melody, we do need a serious change. As for the schoolwork, I'm trying.

Luke, I a trying to keep my head above the water, it's so much work in such a little time. Thank God Jamaica isn't as bed as Hati, but if things continue it might just get to that point.

"Driving Dirty..."
this is a blog-by to say HI!

bK bABe

I don't know who instigates the violence but I do think that politicians can stop the violence by talking to their supporters.

I've seen peaceful elections in Jamaica. It can happen again...the media can help, the leaders of communities and politicians can help.

I should have sensed something bigger coming when there wasn't any hurricances :(

Hang in there with the work. Politricks coming around just in time to ruin Christmas. Speaking of which, they throwing allegations about the place about oil money and campaigning.