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Friday, October 27, 2006

Weekend Quicky With An Eye Candy

Another rough week has passed, I had my first test of the semester on Thursday, I think I should pass...I hope. As if that wasn't bad enough I have another test next week Thursday, so I will be in the books as much as circumstances and my brain will allow. I also have my Senior Project hanging over my head and I still haven't started any serious work on that as yet. Not to mention the impending final exams in four weeks time. Ahhhh!!! Lately I find it hard to study, I literally have to be forcing myself. But I have reached too far now to fall along the wayside. So I have to do it...starting tomorrow. I just need to take two days to de-fragment my brain.

Sunday is another day of hunting for a place. Truly I'm not looking forward to it, but it's something I have to do. Hopefully it will be productive this time, as this whole process is cutting into my valuable time that I should be using to study.

Here is a little something for the weekend. Checkout my weekend Eye Candy from, that is a body! (drooling) I know only the male bloggers might enjoy this one, sorry ladies, no half naked men on this blog. Enjoy your weekend.

P.S. I have also added a new photo to Exotic Fotos.

10 commented:

Fallin' by de wayside isn't an option, besides when U face de finish line is when U find your 2nd wind. (Yup, definitely a pic for "manly men.")

Stick with your studies my yute.

Hope you find a new crib this Sunday. If not, drown your sorrows by cuddlin up to some sweet eye candy like the one you posted! ;-)

It definately not a option Melody, reach too far and spend too much money and time to fail.

I hope I find a place this week to Dr.D, need to focus on my studies. Yes she would certainly take aay my sorrows!

It soon done.Hang in there.

men and big butts eh

do men really find that attractive?
i think she looks fat and ungainly, and her legs too mine.

My word!! She backside needs its own zip code!!

Good luck with the sutdies and the house hunting...

Stunner responding after sleeping out the whole evening:

I don't know why Kami, but I just love it! :)

I will post an update in my next post Justacoolcat.

Yes yamfoot, we do, a lot of us find a woman like that very sexy...including myself! I don't think she is to fat or "ungainly", she is just right.

Thanks, Mighty Afroditee, I hope I will pull through with both. Yes she does have a helleva ass!

My God. Black women are the BEST! No ass implants needed!

Oh, by the way, hang in there. I'm finding it difficult to find time to post, but I make the time.