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Monday, October 23, 2006

Apartment Hunt: Update 1

Sunday apartment hunting was great, I actually found a nice apartment with all the amenities that I would want, in a wonderful quiet neighborhood, well kept, and one of the most wonderful landlord that I never thought I would meet..........Shit! Mi *!^$$*#& daydreaming again! Damn it!

Back to reality, Sunday, my first official apartment hunt was almost a total waste of time. The hunt actually started early Sunday morning... I mean early! I left work at about 12:20 am. I deliberately left work a bit late to ensure the "Early Edition" gleaner men received their Sunday supply of the Sunday Gleaner. Any avid house/apartment hunter knows that's the best time to get your gleaner to get a head start. But to my surprise the damn Sunday Gleaner wasn't delivered yet! Instead the half crazy gleaner/windscreen cleaner/rose sellers were instead out there trying to sell people roses at minutes past twelve in the morning! Just great, I had to go home wait a while and then hit the road again, fortunately this time the Sunday Gleaner had arrived and the scanning of the classifieds started shortly thereafter.

Cockadoodle doo! (Not mine), the sun was up and the alarm clock was making a racket, it was daybreak, some minutes pass seven and time to start phase 2 of the hunt. I started calling the places that was selected earlier. After talking to a few, rejecting a few, leaving a few voice messages, i managed to set up a few meetings and then it was on the road. I viewed a couple of places, but the ones I saw were definitely NOT worth the price the landlords were asking. At one point I was tempted to ask what the &@^##*#*!^#! yuh tinking bout yuh want so much fi dis ole dump! But in good manners I curtailed my thoughts. In another 2 cases, I spoke to the persons renting the places and after heading to the location I started to call to get the directions, only to have my calls going directly to voice mail. When I finally got through, the damn bastards had the heart to tell me that the places have just been rented! What the *#^#%@*!

Overall, the day was almost a total waste, the only good that came out of it is that I got to take a few wonderful shots while in Red Hills. I will share them with you during the course of the week on Exotic Fotos, starting Tuesday.

(sigh) So the hunt continues, during the course of the week and even more intensly on Sunday coming. Melody, CD and everyone continue your prayers so my dream can come through.

13 commented:

Happy hunting rude yute.

Hope your quest to find a place won't mek you haffi let off nuh heap o claats still...

sorry to hear the hunt isn't going well. There ought to be some type of a law governing these things. But then, that wouldn't mean much either.

Stunner, your search definitely remains in mi prayers. (Ah mentioned it at Sunday's sermon, so it's on our prayer list).

I know all too well what this is like and it can be harrowing indeed man. Hope it all turns out good for you though. Sometimes, you just want to throw your hands up and say, what the fu@#???

how about going through on eof the real estate companies?

How i do it in grenada is drive around and look at places tha thave more than electricity meter, knock and enquire if they have any apartments for rent.

sometimes people dont advertise.

I fell your fustrations wid Dutty landlords. Dem nuh easy atall.
But keep the faith sumthing gonna come tru fi yuh

Nice views...damned gotta get down tuh JA one ah these days

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Hush bro. I'm just glad that my parents haven't kicked me out yet. So I'll just chill till that time arrives.

Patience,bro.You'll get the dream one soon

The right apartment is out there waiting for you. Just keep looking and even the ones you think you wouldn't want, check them out ..... you may be surprised.

Looking for a new place to live is always tough.

Good luck and don't settle for anything less than what you want.

Move up deh by Dr. D. Den plenty VX will flow like river.

Thanks all. I hope the hunt will be better this Sunday.