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Monday, June 01, 2009

What A Weekend!

I had a fun-filled weekend this past weekend, from New Kingston to Ochie and back to New Kingston, partying photos and fashion all crammed into one weekend. Let me Recap.

Photo: (May Daze week 2)

On Friday night after working the evening shift, I dash out of the office at a few minutes fast twelve, revved the engine and made my way up to Akbar, which was the venue for May Daze. This was the final of the series that runs throughout the month of May. Considering that i have never been to May Daze before, the great reviews i heard and that this was the last of the series, I made sure I found myself there. After driving around the block twice in search of parking... I hate when I go to venues that don't have proper parking... I finally decided to go to the payed parking which I ignored each time I passed. The parking was $200, but after some serious negotiations I managed to get it for $150. But the park for searching wasn't the only delay, as I had to join a never ending line which seemed as if it had no intentions of moving. I'm sure I stood there in the line for about twenty minutes and was quite upset to find out at the top of the line that I had to be competing with others who were not in the line! Good sense finally prevailed when the security, if I could call him that, restored a bit of order. I went in the party, met up with my friends, and after getting a drink from the bar I quickly forgot about the earlier delays and enjoyed the music mix and the vibes. May Daze was a decent party, I enjoyed myself and didn't regret the $600 entry fee I payed.

Spanish Town Iron Bridge

After spending the greater part of the day on Saturday to recover and working another evening shift it was time for the Flickr North Coast group trip! I woke up early on Sunday morning to ensure I was read to catch the bus which was scheduled to depart Kingston at 7:30 am destined to the White River Valley in St. Mary. Needless to say, the bus didn't depart until 8:00 am was still on time, Jamaican time that is, lol! The trip to White River Valley was not a none stop trip, as it comprised of several photo stops at various places of interest along the way. These "five minute" stops, which turned out to be half hour at least, allowed to to snap photos at the Spanish Town Iron Bridge, the Flat Bridge, Bog Walk damn and the White River bridge. But that can be expected as once you start taking photos, one looses track of time as you get immersed into your passion. Our group of photographers also stopped traffic in Spanish Town as people started to gather in curiosity when we were down by the bridge shooting. We stopped at a place in Walkers Wood, called Liming for lunch, somewhere I always drove past on my way to the north coast and never stopped. The trip was great, I got to meet a lot of people from the Flickr group, visited places I have never been, got some good photos and just enjoyed the company of my fellow photo enthusiasts. I will be posting some of the photos on my photoblog and on my Flickr account.

Fashion Block 2009

Still tired from my North Coast trip, I was still in the mood to do something I have never done before, and this time it was Fashion Block, a part of Style Week 2009. Fashion Block is a runway show held right in the middle of Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston and featured the fashion of may designers locally and abroad. This fashion show is the production of the Saint International Model Agency and as such the designs were presented to the huge crown by the Saint International models. I didn't manage to get any good shots, as I still haven't received my zoom lens and the external flash I recently purchased. I however got to enjoy some guess performances from a few of our new local Dancehall artistes. Despite the obvious disappointment of not getting some good shots, it was a good experience as I have never been to one of these shows before.

That was my weekend in a nutshell, how was your weekend?

5 commented:

it was good to meet the legendary Stunner on the photo outing.

hope you get your telephoto lens soon!

wow last weekend was fashion block? I never miss that show :(

hat sound like loads of fun.I actually recognise some of those places you went so I'm not doing too bad at all.

I went to Miss Svg which was sooo boring and to a Twilight tea put on by my old High School.Monday was a holiday but it was raining cats and dogs so I stayed in.

watever my weekend was, it wasnt nearly as full as yours... good for u!

Now Im just depressed about my boring weekend.