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Friday, June 05, 2009

Star Trek Review and Photos Galore!

So on Tuesday evening I decided to head back to Carib 5, but this time to check out the next movie on my summer blockbuster list, Star Trek. I didn't to see the customary previews or even the very beginning of the movie due to unforeseen circumstances, but I didn't miss much, just about 2 minutes the most.

Star Trek can be described as a good science fiction movie, mixed with a decent serving of action and comedy. The movie wasn't totally as I expected as I still wanted some more action. Nevertheless, it proved to be a good movie that kept my interest right through. It was a pleasure to see the movie on the big screen as that allowed me to fully appreciate the space scenes, which would be greatly under-represented by my 29 inch television screen. Of course, my favorite character was Spock (Zachary Quinto), but Captain Kirk played by Chris Pine, was a very likable character. And of course Zoe Saldana was looking fine as Ahura! I didn't regret spending the extra few dollars to see Star Trek at the theater, had some actions scene, a few laughs and a OK story line. I think I'll give Star Trek a Stunner rating of 4 out of 5.

I said before that Terminator Salvation was on my list, but based on the reviews I have been hearing, I am having second thoughts about this movie. Several persons have expressed disapointment in this latest Terminator movie, so I might just sit out this one and wait for the boo... the DVD. But Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is still on the list, and I can't wait for the opening date on the 24th of this month! Oh yes, a new trailer is out, maaadddd!

On another note, as mentioned in my previous post, I took quite a few photos on my first Flickr group trip and I have started to post them on My World My Lens. Hoverer, there is more, I am also posting the photos on Flickr, which allows me to post more than one photo for the same day! So you can check out my photostream at

Another weekend has dawned upon us... Wow that was quick! I doubt this weekend will be as fun filled and event packed as last weekend, but I still hope to have some fun or at least get in a few new photos. Anyway, as you can see time is flying by in a great hurry, so enjoy your weekend and make the best of it.

7 commented:

hey Stunner
I really love that photo you took of that young lady--can't quite find the word but I just like it

wow you really wanted more action in Star Trek, I think you really should see Terminator - lots of action but unfortunately very little of anything else.

Loved the pics in your photostream. We need to get you a freelance job with the tourist board.

@GC: Thanks, I'm really glad you like it.

@Jamaipanese: LOL, there is always more room for action! but I really liked it, hence the 4 out of 5. I think Terminator will be a small screen movie.

@Gussie: Thanks, I'm very happy you like them. That freelance job would be great!

Imiss the movies. Our lone complex has been closed so it's bare sufferation.

Will check the pics lter cos I'm heading out.

The story was easy to follow. i like the fact that the cast was younger and more relaxed, more comedic. The characters were interesting.

I didn't like the messy hierarchical fighting on the ship. I felt like sometimes nobody was in charge or the captain can be changed in the blink of an eye with no real succession process. The first captain and the captain transition was too messy. I think realistically the conflict between these two could be better bing that they are in charge of a major ship. I understand that the conflict between these two is to make the movie more interesting but the way it was handled in the year 3005 would be more procedural and little more formal.

I like the intellectual conflict better than the action conflict. The tit for tat between captain and first captain was great. The action scene were boring. The space age weapons were boring, the bald headed-tattoo bad guys were boring. The line between good and bad were so obvious. Bad guys on dark gloomy ship, good guys on brightly lit enterprise.

Wanting to see Terminator

love the photo
terminator not that bad ya kno. Better than the third one, maybe not as good as the second but is still worth a watch