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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Million Dollar Mattress!

Yes you read the title of this post correct! The owner of the mattress didn't fork out one million dollars to buy it, but at the time it certainly valued one million dollars! As the saying goes, "The fool and his money are soon parted". According to the report, an Israeli woman decided to treat her mother to a new mattress, seeing that her mother has been sleeping on the same old tattered mattress for years. So in a bid to surprise her mother with this new gift, she bought a brand new mattress and threw out the old mattress. Little did she know that her mother had been hording her life savings in her old shabby mattress, approximately one million dollars in savings! Surprise! By the time all this was revealed, the mattress was no where to be found as it seems the garbage disposal truck had already done its rounds.

Now when I heard this news I couldn't help laughing! Something in the far back of my mind was saying I should be sorry for this old lady, but I find it hard to be. In this day and age, this lady is still storing money in her mattress! What, hasn't she heard about a bank, or or other investment options? I understand she is old, but come one, one person can be so daft to have not ten thousand, not one hundred thousand, not two hundred thousand, but one million ratid dollars in her mattress! I know banks and investments are somewhat unstable these days, but having money in your mattress is not better off. If a fire broke out in that house all the money would be up in smoke! If there was an earthquake all of that would be covered in the roubles! And if the mattress got thrown out... wait, yeah, see the mattress got thrown out with all that hard earned life savings!

The family, with the aid of the authorities have launched a massive search for the missing cash at the city dumps. However, they are not alone, as a large throng of concerned... yes concerned for themselves... citizens have joined in to find the million dollar mattress to increase their own wealth. According to the report the family is yet to find the missing mattress and I am sure by now some lucky bastard is a million dollar richer.

Moral of the story: Invest your money wisely and don't keep your money in, or under your mattress... especially one million dollars!


7 commented:

mi want a million dollars by a marnin lol

maybe she got bitten by cash plus or stanford an dem tiefing money people.

actually considering all the bank fees that we pay these days and the small rate of return they call interest alternative storage looking viable

there was a similar story just recently about some guy in japan who over the years just buried all his cash in his garden but someone got wise to it and one morning he woke up and see a big hole in the garden and money gone

A bank teller said to me the other day "might as well we go back to saving under the matress", i thoroughly agree cept I'd put mines in a fire-water-wind-bomb proof safety box kinda like that one on brainiac.

Poor old fool.

I think maybe the old lady grew up in a different era where banks that failed had no insurance and your money was gone for sure

oh no... poor old lady. Daughter must feel like the world's biggest idiot.

Talk about a nightmare

I want to know how many years she saved to get a million. I want to know her secret

I wonder if she still talks to her daughter?