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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead!!!

Taken from CNN (

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has died at the age of fifty years of age. The Los Angles Times and CNN have reported that the famous artiste died in the UCLA medical centre after suffering from a cardiac arrest on Thursday June 25, 2009. This has certainly shocked the world and broken the hearts of many Michael Jackson fans as the King of Pop has been scheduled to have several concerts starting in the second week of July.

Michael made his debut on the music scene at the tender age of eleven as a member of the Jackson Five and gained great popularity as a part of the group. He however, launched his very successful solo career in 1971, which saw the release of some of the worlds best-selling albums: Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995). Michael has also been credited with revolutionizing the whole music video scene with his well choreographed and story line music videos. The one that really stands out in my mind and the mind of most people is the video for Thriller, which was the first of its kind. Micheal Jackson has also stamped his personal touch with his own unique dance moves, including the famous Moonwalk, most of which has had a profound impact on the dance moves of more recent times.

But as with most great artistes he has had his fair share of scandals and highly publicized personal life. These events range from sexual abuse of minors allegations, his controversial marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, his financial troubles to his baby dangling incident, and his most dramatic of changing from a black man to white, just to name a few. His escapades has even resulting in him being given the nickname Wacko Jacko. Despite all these negative attention, Michael still manged to maintain high favour in the eyes of his fans.

Do doubt the death of this great, legendary artiste will prove to be a great loss to his fans and the music fraternity. Michael Jackson has certainly made his stamp on the world of music and millions of fans all over the world. Another great icon of our generation has passed.


9 commented:

Was following this earlier, but was a bit skeptical up until CNN reported it. RIP Mr. Jackson.

I need to get some DVDs cause this is all we'll be seeing on cable for the next two weeks.

few can even imagine how famous this guy is. I guess he really can't live forever.

@Gussie: Man the radio is killing Michael Jackson tunes right now, stringing them one after the other.

@Owen: Yup, it seems Michael is even more famous than Bob! We all have to die at some point.

ditto Owen, we all got to go sometime but he was kinda young still
well, someone is about to get paid because everyone is about to fill in the gaps in their collection. as for me I never knew the man so I am just fine.

agree with GC and I'm looking to hit up the DVDs like Gussie.

think i'm going to be unpopular today cause I'm not getting into the MJ hoopla. When he was here many were calling him wacko jacko so pardon me if i wont be hypocritical and pretend i miss him that much now

Always sad to see someone die young. Another life lost... sad

RIP MJ. At peace at last

Jdid we believe in not speaking evil of the dead:)