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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Winds of Change Fueling Redunancies

It seems all we hear these days is people getting loosing the jobs due to downsizing. This is nothing new to me, as since i joined the company I work for there has been constant redundancy exercises. These last three years however has seen an increase in such redundancy exercises, as almost all departments seem to be shedding people left right and centre. For a long while my immediate section has been spared the wrath of the redundancy axe, but this is no no more.

The redundancy activity has been catalysed by the fact that the company had decided to merge into one regional company across the Caribbean, instead of several separate business units. This means that certain common functions will be centralized, which naturally will result in a staff cut. The current economic situation facing the entire world and the already ailing company has also added fuel to the redundancy fire. All this mixed in with the fact that the "bigger heads" have come up with a "bright idea", that they figure will save them money and increase efficiency has resulted in many people loosing their place in the company. But those remaining can't count themselves lucky at all, as this now means that they will have to now do their work plus take on the workload of those who have been given their walking papers. More work, more responsibilities, more stress and no increase in compensation.

My department has lost it's fair share of employees to redundancy over the fast few years, but my section has been relatively stable. However, on Thursday of last week they "bigger heads", also known as senior management, dropped a bomb shell when they announced that all five technicians in my section will be leavening the company at the end of this month. This means that all the technicians I now supervise will no longer work for the company as the company continues the restructuring exercise. At this point, even though I am still with the company... for now... I have no clue what I will be doing. It is quite obvious that my job function will change by month end, but they still have not revealed what it will be going forward. One thing is sure, that the jobs of the technicians will still have to be done and some of the work I am currently doing is still required.

I wish all those who will be leaving all the best in these uncertain times. Interesting days lay ahead What will I be doing? How long will I be doing it for? I guess only time will tell, but life goes on. There will always be changes, whether we like it or not. All one can do is brace for it and handle it when it comes.

9 commented:

wow, that's unsettling indeed
hang in there Stunner

I can understand the uneasiness of the situation. Being in limbo sucks, but you know, if you get cut sooner or later, you have enough time now to figure out what else is out there for you. Maybe you can become a wedding photographer, that can put a lil change in your pocket or have a print photo show and maybe sell some of your pieces, whatever it

damn a whole section eh? well hang in there, the end state should be around the corner.

hold tight stunner and start thinking of plan b and c

Wow! Sorry to hear. You need to make sure to have more than one iron in the fire now. Good luck, Mr. Stunner.

yikes. that is very unsettling indeed...

Sorry about your technicians and your department. There's a saying "Change is inevitable" and so I totally agree with Abeni... start making plan b and c. You will come through it whatever the outcome is,also start saving more aggressively if that's possible. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice everyone. I have come to accept that life is full of changes, after all my body has been going through changes since conception and will continue to go through changes until I go to my final resting place. All I, and we, can do is just learn how to deal with these changes. If the company has to restructure to survive, then so do I.