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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just Cool... I'm on Twitter!

Ahhhh, it seems God has heard my cries and lamenting and has had compassion upon me! Yes, after enduring several days of mind numbing heat, it has cooled down! It all began with partially overcast conditions, which later blossomed into fully overcast days with blessings of showers to quench and cool the thirsty, sun-baked land.

For the first in many days, I was able to actually sit down without turning on my fan! Last night I even slept in merino (A-shirts) again and actually covered up to my neck under the sheets! Can you believe it? At one point I was going to pinch myself, but I didn't... not just because it would be painful, but because if being so cool in my apartment was just a dream, I wouldn't want to wake up!

I know it will not last for long, as the summer is still not here in all it's roasting glory. But for now I will enjoy the cool and damp outdoors for as long as it will last. Aaahhh, just cool...

After resisting this new fad, this new activity that has swept the entire globe, I have succumbed and have now joined the large throng infected with this new phenomenon... no not swine flu! I have finally joined Twitter and now I'm twittering away! I really didn't have any interest in this Twitter thing, even though I have heard so much about it from many of the bloggers than others. But I finally decided to join Twitter at the constant urging of two of what I think are their marketing agents, the ladies from And Still I Rise and Blah Bloh Blog! Hmm, I have also noticed that Ruthibelle had joined in the "Get Stunner on Twitter Crew"... is this a conspiracy I smell?

I am not too sure what to make of this Twitter thing, as I have only joined today, so I'm a newbie. I guess my fellow "marketing agents" will help me along in this new wonderful world of Twitter. Also I noticed that all the people I have met in Blogland is on Twitter, was I the only one not on Twitter? So just in case you don't hear from me here, I might be busy twittering, and you'll all know who to blame! LOL! Anyway, I gone... gone Twitter!

PS: My Twitter name is StunnerJ... Thanks Blahblohblog!

7 commented:

Hahahahaha..Twitter shud pay we for all that marketing we put in fuh real. Stunner boy,I hardly a pro since I never on in the day when all the convos happen.

It cool here now too..and I luv it

Damn, Abeni and I are good! Only one thing, you forgot to mention your Twitter name - @StunnerJ - in case your readers want to follow you. You can find Ruthibelle at @ruthibelle.

Here's a good beginner's guide to Twitter while you are getting your feet wet. And don't forget to check out PiscesInPurple's Caribbean twitter list.

ha ha ha you assimilated lol. they still working on me

no twittering here
addictive personality

I haven't gone to twitter yet. I'm still holding out, but I'm not sure if I will last much longer.

LOL, might as well give in now or give in late the Twitter.

Stunner when you said you might be on Twitter instead of your blog that remind me of the fact that I prefer micro-blogging, so much easier and simpler.

aaah yes another one lured into Twitter. Mwahahahahaha!

welcome Stunner we already linked up to Twitter