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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

X-Men Origins Review

One down, three to go! Yes I have watched the first on a list of what I think are theater worthy movies so far. I went to watch X-Men Origins Wolverine, on Tuesday night. It was great break from the small screen bootlegs... well that is if I watched bootlegs... Shh! Nuh seh nuttin!

The movie started off a little slow, but I guess that what happens when you are building a story and setting the stage for the rest of the movie. The movie picked up a little after the first quarter and the action kicked in. It had a few decent action scenes, and I guess having the movie focused on mostly one character made the movie easier to follow. This made the movie a little better than the previous X-Men sequel which was mostly a mix of different characters on exhibition with their special powers all squeezing in to a ninety minutes slot.

As usual Hugh Jackman, played the part of Wolverine well and did his job to motivate me to head back to the gym and work at achieving that ripped dream body I want. Thank you Hugh, for setting me back a few thousand dollars, that I don't have, for gym fee! The supporting actors did their part two including Wolverine's archenemy Victor Creed aka Sabretooth, played by Liev Schreiber. I was expecting a little more from the movie, but overall it was a decent move and was worth the trip and money to watch it at the theater. I didn't feel as if i wasted my money, even though I expected more, so i give it an average Stunner rating of 3 stars out of 5.

As I said before, I still have three more theater movies to watch. Next is Star Trek which is now in the theaters and the upcoming movies Terminator Salvation and Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. The trailers look great and the review for Star Trek has been good so far, so I am hoping to at least get a satisfied feeling forking out my theater money. It has been a long time since I have seen so many theater worthy movies running in such close succession. See you at the movies!

11 commented:

GI Joe is not on your list. Why not?

i am crazy about so many upcoming summer flicks. made a list on my site a while back

already seen and blogged about xmen and Star Trek, going to see Terminator tomorrow

I hear great things about Star Trek. I was invited to two prescreenings and has to miss both due to a too busy schedule.

See it in Imax if you can.

@GC: Not so sure about it yet, I'll wait until I see the reviews.

@Jamaipanese: This summer is is definitely loaded with movies! Enjoy Terminator!

@Justacoolcat: I can't wait to watch Star Trek too, I have heard very good reviews!

Yea Stunner. No Joe? Not too sure about Marlon Wayans as an action hero, but i still wanna see it.

Wolverine didn't disappoint. Glad i didn't give in to the temptation and download the workprint.

Thats not was better than a 3...what the hell were u expecting

I not so sure I consider the X-Men show theatre worthy. If I downloaded bootlegs, that might be the route I'd take. Of course, I'd never do that!

I hear those horrible people who do those vile things (i.e. download bootleg) have the highest of praise for this piece of tech: The Wester Digital HDTV media Player : Its perfect! At least, thats what I hear...

Lol,you had me with the ripped body:)

Hey man. Well, I liked your review of Wolverine, 3 out of a 5 is cool, I took it to 2.5 out of 5 myself, but I'm a strict fan boy and my ratings for comic book movies can be harsh.

I wasn't totally disappointed in Terminator, but I was disappointed. The movie underachieved unfortunately, but it excelled in Sfx. Star Trek to me has been the best of the bunch thus far.

Transformers is definitely next on my plate and I'm certain, this one will not disappoint me. Hey, I'm at a new location so look me up okay.

See you there Stunner!

The part of this over I enjoyed most was the opening war scene when Wolverine and his brother were fight through every major war. The director did marvelous job at it.

I have not seen all the X-men movies but I was not entirely impressed with Wolverine, not that is was not a good movie. It just did not meet my expectations, especially with build up surrounding it.

Some of the powers the specially team had were so basic. Agent one can shoot off a few rounds and do gymnastics at the same time. Will. i. am can disappear and re appear(Geez).

the fight scene at the top of the nuclear plant was extremely boring to watch.

The story was OK, Wolverine girl betrayal was predictable ( I think) I was surprised that his brother eventually came around after the writers made the viewers despise him so much.

I am looking forward to see all the blockbusters this summer.
Can anyone predict a summer surprise big movie that most people are ignoring, low budget/no big names?ersith

just saw it saturday and i really liked it, especially that Spartan Kick for that guy who had all the super powers, the slo mo made it twice as better.