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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thief! Thief! - The Account of an Attempted Robbery

It was a rainy Sunday morning, May 17 to be exact. It was the kind of rain that makes you sleep deep and comfy, the type of rain that makes you just want to cuddle and sleep in the warmth and comfort of your bed. But for me, that peace was shattered in the wee hours of Sunday Morning at about 3:30. I was fast asleep, deep sleep as I was extremely tired when a loud thud shocked me out of my slumber. What could this be, where did it come from?

Still dazed by the frightening sound I stumbled out of bed to investigate the source of this sound. I checked the front, but all seemed OK, so I headed to the kitchen to ensure that my door was locked properly. I listened, but there was no sound. The only other option was to head into the bathroom to look out at the back porch through the bathroom window. I slowly, steadily and stealthily climbed up on the edge of the tub to look out. As I peered into the dimly lighted back porch a figure manifested itself just before my eyes! He was right in front of me, the only thing separating us was the wall and the blades of the window. It was a thief! A thief had broken into my porch and was about to make his next move to gain entry to my place. At this point I was unarmed, I don't have a gun, and weary from my sleep I hadn't stopped to take up my machete, so all I could do was to shout thief as loudly as I could! I shouted several times, trying to overpower the deafening sound of the night rain, as I dash back to the kitchen, flicked on the light switch for the porch and drew my cutlass and grabbed my phones!

By this time the thief had made a hasty retreat as he knew he was spotted. I desperately tried to get the police, but this was to no avail. I dialed 119, I dialed the number for the constant spring police station but no one answered, the phone rang and rang antagonizing and hopelessly. I called up my neighbours to alert them of what happened, all this time the phone was still ringing of the deaf ears of the police. After about what seemed to be a half hour, someone finally answered 119 and took the report. The police didn't arrive till about another 20 minutes later and just merely asked a few questions went to look at the breached area, and agreed with some of the neighbours who said I should have waited until he was coming in then chop him, then left after a few minutes. Some police, no wonder why the crime rate in Jamaica is so high. When you call them you can't get an answer and when they do finally arrive much later, they are basically of no use.

This ordeal has shaken me up somewhat. Being robbed or experiencing almost being robbed on the street, at a venue or on the road is a rough experience, but when it happens at your home, your safety nest, it takes on a whole new dimension. Things could have been worse, so I am thankful that they weren't. I thought about what some of my neighbours said, that I should have waited and then chopped him, yes that would have been good, because thief fi dead! On the other hand, I only saw one, there could have been more, I didn't know if he too had a machete or worse a gun, so things could have escalated to my detriment. Furthermore, they weren't in the situation, so they can say anything, so even though I wished I had ensured he didn't get the opportunity to thief or attempt to thief again, I'm still grateful to be unharmed and have my belonging intact.

Point of entry

I assume the thief gained entry cutting and/or prying and then hitting out a few bars in the grill. I surmise he thought no one was there, as I had just not long before come home from work a little after midnight and went to bed just after. I told my landlady, who promptly agreed to fix the grill and I finally sourced someone to fix the grill by the Sunday afternoon. The grill people did a shabby work for which they overcharged, but desperate times needed desperate action. One thing though, they knew that they will not get any business from me or my landlady ever again. The repair is a temporary fix though, as the landlady will be reinstalling a new grill as the current one was poorly constructed and will be placing additional ones at the kitchen door and the bathroom window. She carried her grill man to measure the place and from my latest conversation with her, she has paid down the money and the material is to be sourced. Even though the complex is gated, the wall to the back of the complex, which also runs just behind my apartment, is extremely low and has no protective barb wires to deter even the simplest of criminals. Some of the strata committee members have vowed to at least put up some razor wires along the wall, but that is yet to be seen.

I still feel uneasy, especially when I'm about to go to sleep. I am eager for the landlady to finish what she has committed to do so I can feel a bit safer while I sleep. I'm not the first to experience this at the complex from what I know, and I certainly won't be the last. With this in mind I am even thinking of looking for a new place to live, as I work shifts and the complex does not have a security personnel and I have no idea of how soon I will see those razor wires going up... if they will. In the mean time, I give God thanks, pray for protection, will be more vigilant and wary as I come in and keep my machete a little closer to me.

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Give thanks for the outcome, this could've had such a terrible ending. Be safe Stunner and don't rule out moving if the strata/landlady doesn't address the gaps in security.

You should have followed them home and robbed THEIR house...

glad you're safe bro. This absolutely sucks cause as you said they have tried to get into your santuary. if you cant feel safe in your santuary it gets to you. I hope you can get through it though although I could see you just getting up and moving if thats an option cause man must feel safe at home.

anyway watch ya step and stay safe bro and thank God this time things worked out for the best

Just be glad you lived to tell the tale, you would have been more than shaken if you'd really got a chance to limb him up.

Poor baby. Hush yah. It would be sad to have lost a member of blog world.
Thank god you're ok.

As from teh looks of your grill the spaces are too long/wide hence it would be easier to break. And are you sure that the guy(s)s came to tief sumtin? Now a days people want your head for no apparent reason so dont trust nobody.

But that tief pretty brazen still, in the rain, him serious.

Hey Stunner, glad you are okay.Star, keep the machete right at you bed foot, so that you do not have to go and look for it. Also, you need a dog Star, because if him no even bad, him wi bark and wake you up.A seven dogs mi have, and mi a look for some more. Mi want at least five more.Stunner, dem grill de inna di picture nah sey nuthin. Bwoy, yuh mus see fe mi yard, every where grill inside and outside,including the doors.Grilss allinnna di passageway dem to bedrooms.If dem tek the outside grill out dem haffi deal wid the inside grills dem to. Star a one prison mi live inna.Mi nuh luv fi live like dat,but dat a di reality today. And even wid dat, man still nuh safe. Get some dawgs,Stunner.As to di police, dem a jokers. Nuff respect, Star!!

Idren Stunner,

Giving thanks that you are annointed and protected in your going out and your coming in.
May Jah guide your steps.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Glad you kriss yout! Pity you never have a 'nine' and you jus buss de fukka inna him head and call dem fe come 'crape up de body!

Bredrin, dem grill deh look like dem a suffer from malnutrition.....dem need some beefing up fe real.

Keep safe.

BTW dis is Dr. D.

Stunner I'm glad you're okay. And glad you don't have blood on your hands unnecessarily. I'm with Gussie re moving out too. I mean, danger is everywhere but you need barbed wire on the low wall!

these are some serious time

What!!! I will come on over give them a Swedish slap on the nose...:)

I'm glad that you are al right.


That must have been a scary thing. I hope you will soon get back to feeling comfortable in your home.

Glad you are alive and well

no stunner jah kno i feel your pain i would have been scred shitless. i agree a move is imminent them grills aint looking good and i dont like the spin tami put on it...hopefully is not that but to go thru so much trouble to just come tief?

Wi haffi stand firm inna di gideon mi bredda....I personally am thinking about getting a gun cause the Police, who a bawl fi more pay, can't even protect themselves yah now.

Good to hear you were unharmed.

Really glad you are ok Stunner. Got me looking at my grills and never thought how east it is. It look like the thief saw it off, I hope you have some bight outside liights too because it would be brazen teif when would send all that time messing with the grills.

I agree with ESTEBAN if you can get at least one dog do it. Get a miserable one he doesn't have to be bad. I am alone at home many times and I kow that with a busy life most people don't have time to maintain a dog but am thinking bout getting one myself benefitis I love dogs.

Anyway be careful especially when entering and leaving. It is at this time I would say if you has a legal gun to defend yourself then needs be then I can see where it would be most helpful. The government/Police can not protect us its clear as day. If that man knew he could get shot by breaking into your place I bet he would think twice.

Hope you get your grill fixed and if you have to move then you have no choice. I know you must be jumping at ever little sound, that must be most uneasy feeling.

Good think you go up and look. Keep the faith and keep up your guard.


that sounded truly terrifying, the way you told it made me feel kind of sick.. i hope you are ok, and no ptsd.. scary, i would move!