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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Anything for You... Pull it Up!

I haven't posted a Pull it Up video in a long time. While dancing to the mixes at Mello Vibes I heard this song and I said to myself that I just had to post it! This was one of my favorite songs from era when Dancehall music was real music. Hey crowd a people unnuh remember this one?

On another note, I have received the money from the man who reversed into my car and I plan to drop off the car on Friday to have some work done on it. Hopefully my baby will be looking like new again! Have a great weekend my peeps!

9 commented:

was just listening to this the other day. nice collabo

My yout, simply one of the best dancehall tunes of the 1990's "Golden Age." Couldn't agree with you more.

Sweeeet. The other day I was listening Patra and Queen in a di pack and brought back memories of High school and listening to all those songs

that's good news on the car

I cleaned out my trunk and changed my mats--almost good as new

Did ya get a lil something extra for emotional stress?

u can at least post the name of the song for the peeps at work with no youtube/video access

Wha! Nice stunner! Mi affi go fi'n di CD an play di 'ole a it to raahtid!

big up to this ninetys throw back. love to remember all the good times back in the day.