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Sunday, May 03, 2009

#@%$&^! Di Man Hit Mi Car!


In the wee hours of Saturday morning, at about 2:45, I was on the phone talk to the GF, when I heard a loud sound... that awful sound you hear when someone hits a car, and then almost simultaneously my car alarm went off! What the hell! Did someone just break into my car right in front of my apartment?

I told my GF to hold on and quickly abandoned the phone to investigate what it was. I killed the lights and quickly peered through the side of the curtain to to see if I would catch the assailant in the act. And so I did! But it wasn't a lurking thief doing his wrongs in the cover of dark, no, it was my neighbour! I was just in time to see his Tacoma moving forward from what seemed to be the right hand side of the front to my car. What the ra.., how this man lick mi car?

I immediately grabbed my keys and head outside to take a closer investigation as the alarm continued to pierce through the once silent still of the night. With my face cracking from the hardness of the anger and bewilderment that overcame me I proceeded towards the assailant, who by now was out of his vehicle walking around surveying.

"How yuh manage hit mi car boss?", I enquired with a tone of anger and frustration.

"Mi neva see it..." He replied, with what sounded like a mixture of remorse and confusion in his voice.

What the ra..! How him nuh fi si mi car! It's a damn 2004 Honda Civic, it is not that small! The worse thing is that on the side he hit there was nothing else parked in the entire 4 vehicle parking that was to the right of my car! Yes it is black, but the entire parking lot is lit and his reverse light was working. This guy circumvented all that free space to come and hit my car? What also didn't make sense is that this guy was driving a left hand vehicle, and reversed into the right hand side of my car! How the hell him miss that! By this time my other neighbour who came in just after the assailant, was just as bewildered as to how he didn't see my car.

I closely examined the car and realised that the right front fender was dented as well as the right hand side of the front bumper. Also on closer examination of the driver I notice to that he was a little dented mentally, yes that bastard was under the influence. Not totally drunk, but nice enough for you to notice and would certainly explain why he ended up hitting my car.

He has agreed to fix back my car without going to the insurance, as that would be futile since the damages would be below the excess and they would have dismissed his claim. I reported the incident to the police, as required by law and for my personal assurance, and got an estimate done for the repairs. This will set him back almost JM$30,000, yep nuff money that for the repairs. But I feel no compassion, I'm sure he has heard it many times,"if you drink, don't drive". Also whenever you are backing up you should take extra care.

I'm glad I caught him in the act as his vehicle showed no evidence of a collision. Now I am anxiously awaiting the completion of the repair work and dread the inconvenience while it is being done. But still mi vex star. It would have been better if it had never happened.

Cho ^!$!&@^%@$!%&$*!

11 commented:

Jah know stunn,look at it this way he could have hit someone down and killed them instead, but he didn't and hittin your ride probably snapped him to his senses lol, just mek sure the fucker fixes it soon

Damn! Really sorry about that. Glad it wasn't worse.

Was he half asleep or something?

words escape me
the stupidity. . .
like Gordon said
make sure he does it quickly

30 thou? wtf. what kinda estimate that? you can spray over the whole car with 30 thou.

that sucks! i mean car relaxing minding it own bizness an brax out a blue get lik up. that is lawlessness

Mi feel your pain. Thank God you saw him before he fled the scene

it's reasons like these I should never be given a firearm - licensed or otherwise

Thank goodness you were awake.

I remember the first time someone hit my new car, I almost cried, after that though I was bumping it all sorts of places without a care in the world.

well, since i know how our men get about their cars, i will say, "hush it could have been worse" and he did agree to fix it. But Stunner, seriously now, that dent was not even noticeable. And a dented car doesn't say anything about YOU, really honestly truly. So don't take it so hard. You must have other tings that grieve you more than this. It's really only a car; this coming from someone who doesn't drive unless she has to and owns a 1998 edition.

Boy, say thank goodness the man stop and fess up. Don't wory, the ride go be in perfect condition again soon.

@owen: Yes he know dat owen! What you think he doing? No patch-patch paint touch-ups fuh we boy. We sprayin' de WHOLE car over! Chuh!

thats the same figure i got for my estimate but mine is both doors and the bumper...unfortunately for me i didnt remember to report it to the police so i can only hope and pray the woman pay me...which dont look like it going happen :(