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Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick Update with an Eye-Candy for Dessert

Wait! Don't call the police and file any missing person report! I am still around, very busy, but still hanging in there. I have a series of meetings since last week, combining that with gym, I basically only have a few hours to eat and sleep for the entire week. Today is the last day, thank God, as I am tired of fighting the sleep for hours during these all day meetings. On the plus side the finger food was good. as well as the ample supply of juices, fruits and the much needed coffee.

On a different note, my car is looking like new again. The damaged area that was repaired and sprayed was finally buffed today. But that wasn't all, I decided to get the entire care buffed so it would have an even shiny new look. And it did look brand new this evening when I went to pick it up. The entire car was buffed and polished and looks shiny like a car in one of those magazines. Yay!

I haven't posed one of these in a while, so I think I'm going to drop an eye-candy for my fellow male bloggers for the weekend. Don't worry ladies, I'm still working on yours for the summer [wink, wink]. This eye-candy has appeared in Flavor of Love and is the reason why I actually wasted time watching I Love Money 2. Presenting the ever sexy Myammee!

Have a great weekend!!!

7 commented:

How Come MB and U always have eye candy for the boys and none for us girls???

you know, the spelling of her name. . .

@Crankyputz: LOL! All in due time, I will post one fore the ladies... post a link to one! LOL!

@GC: LOL! Yup, the internet is a powerful tool!

@ Stunner: Happy 4 u re the cyar.
Boss, dah candy deh look SWEET! Like you coulda get diabetes from one little lick, to rahtid! :)

@ Cranky Putz: The candy we post is for the women too, but hey, many women don't like the type of candy we like! Ah nuh nutten. If you don't like the candy you see, post the candy YOU like! Thats my suggestion. LOL!

dont worry ladies, i think ima start this one on my blog for the team!