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Friday, May 01, 2009

Pum Pum Tightner!

Only in Jamaica you will find a sign like this prominently posted in the window is a store. This photo was shot at a store in Downtown Kingston. I got it in an email from one of my coworkers and couldn't resist sharing it with you.

As you look at this picture, also note that there is a very extensive assortment of bleaching (skin lightening) products well displayed in the window. Also, if the cash flow is low, have no fear, they accept credit cards as shown by the very prominent Visa sign pasted on the window.

Now I have a few questions. Would a woman really go into a store and ask for some "Pum Pum Tightener? Does she just go and ask for it like any ordinary product, or does she whisper over the counter to the salesperson? What does that say about the woman's private that purchases this stuff?

I can just see it now...

Woman [whispering softly]: Gimmi one a di 200 pack Pum Pum Tightner nuh?

Cashier [speaking at the top of her voice]: Wah yuh seh?

Woman [whispering a little louder]: Gimmi one a di 200 pack Pum Pum Tightner.

Cashier [speaking at the top of her voice]: Oh, a dat yuh want!

Cashier [shouting to another attendant]: Carry one pack a di 200 pack Pum Pum Tightner fi a woman yah!

Enjoy your weekend peeps!

12 commented:

Idren Stunner,

Di sistren dem nuh fi pay fi tite pum-pum. Dem cudda titen up di sweetness dem ownself. Dem jus fi do di kegel dem, wit enthusiasm! When dem inna que at di bank....just kegel and smile. When inna di taxi, mash up against di next sumbody....just kegel and smile!

Trust me, di kegel dem wuk, fi tru!

Another kegel siteBless Up,
Lady Roots

this goes hand in hand with that report that a pum pum tightening clinic just opened in new york last week. i kid you not, cant find the link anymore but it was in the news. they give you a test first to determine how tight and then prescribe a treament. pure jokes

i know nuff man wishing that they would sell some franchises

Do you have to pay GCT on this item?

any woman who is too shy to buy pum pum tightner is no woman at all

it's like if a man wanted to whisper that he wants the big pack of condoms--that is not a man, but a boy.

i remember seeing this in the Jamaica flickr group. It was funny then and still hilarious now.

I am shocked- Is this a pill or a cream... anyone know? LOL


pum pum tightner is an essential part of any Caribbean woman's cosmetics kit... It's like weave... Or limacol... :-)

@ Will - a how yuh know dat? An how yuh nuh mention di nadinola? I still don't know what this is, and keep forgetting to ask one of my friends. I hope is not something that women insert in their vaginas; in fact, if it a sell a wholesale next to the bleaching cream, i suspect that it is not safe. Somebody need fi ask Danville Walker if di pumpum tightner is contraband or can it attract GCT.

Pum pum tightner, if it is a cream or lotion, can in no way be considered safe for use down there.

But WHY would anyone WANT to tighten their pum pum in the first place. I mean, what you been putting there that would loosen it up so irreversibly that Kegels can't fix it? Why would you put something in or on your body that your ob/gyn didn't prescribe? Why? Why???