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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bolt Crashes!

The worlds fastest man, Usain Bolt crashed one of the fastest cars on earth, his brand new BMW M3! It has been reported that the sprinter lost control of his BMW M3 just after leaving the Vineyards Toll plaza on Highway 2000 in St. Catherine earlier Wednesday afternoon. Reports are that the car has been extensively damaged, as it flipped and landed on the top, after which it came to a rest in a ditch at the side of the highway. Based on the damage sustained by the car, one can easily speculate that he was speeding on the wet highway at the time he lost control of the vehicle. However, the reports have not divulge any cause for the accident so far.

Fortunately though, Usain and the other passengers of the vehicle fared better then the M3, as they emerged with only minor injuries. He and the female passengers were taken to the nearby Spanish Town hospital for treatment.

I am sure when most Jamaicans heard this news their hearts stopped, but blew a sigh of relief when it was announced that he only sustained a few scratches from the ordeal. It would have been a sad day in Jamaica if the worst had happened, but thankfully he escaped serious injury. According to the report, Bolt is to undergo tests over the next 48 hours to determine if he will be able to stick to his competition schedule. It is now the start of the track and field season and Bolt is scheduled for several meets including the London Street Race and the Jamaican Invitational Meet at the National Stadium, as early as Saturday.

Hopefully he will be given the all clear by the doctors and will go on to deliver great performances for the 2009 season. Hopefully he will also learn a lesson form this ordeal and exercise better care not only on the roads, but with his other personal activities. Get well soon Usain!


9 commented:

No, my heart did not stop... more like the wind slid through my teeth in one long hiss... and i said something like, steups!

Not that I wanted anything to happen to him. I'm glad he's okay. In fact that's a miracle of sorts, considerin the car was totalled.

He just seems so young and... exuberant sometimes that this kind of news doesn't carry the desired shock effect for too many people.

i was thinking i hope this accident makes him realize he's not invincible and that when he races he doesnt pull up no more but run flat out for the record cause ya never know when it will be your last race..

how do you get in an accident after coming out of the toll plaza?

Bwoy, mi just glad sey him okay!!

He walks away from a mangled wreck but needed surgery to remove thorns he stepped on when he exited the car? Go figure.

I have been there and was lucky too. Am happy for him. As Jdid and other's have said, I hope he learns from this (better than I did too).

(* Sigh *) Another nice car gone! (* shakes head sadly... *)

I'm right there with Ruthibelle. I so vex when I hear this news. Dyam careless of him! Usain nuh realize seh di faases' man nuh necessarily know how fi drive di faases' cyar.