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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No, Kanye Et Al, That is Not Fashion!

Ok, maybe I'm not that much a fashionable person and I am definitely not a fashion guru. But hell no, Kanye West and your misguided cronies, that is not fashion! To me these guys look more like clowns or homeless people who just grabbed anything in their path and threw them on. And what's up with the weird colour briefcases and man purse. Are they so important that they have to carry a bag on their person? What the hell is in there by the way, clothes, important business papers, top secret documents? My guess, based on their outfits is that they are carrying makeup! Yes makeup! I wonder what FOS has to say about these outfits? As far as I am concerned, they look awful... totally cross dressing, uncoordinated, mind blowing awful! That is not fashion!

10 commented:

Idren Stunner,

Be kind to Kanye.

Him one mudderless chile wha cyaan seem to do betta! Dem mussi him funeral clothes, cuz it sure nuff causing some sorrow. Ugly fi tru!

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

I love it--wouldn't like to see my boo in it but I love that he's daring
as a celebrity he has to take chances private citizens won't
besides, I am SO tired of baggy jeans, pimp cups, and gigantic bling

I guess this had to come out wouldn't understand, they're true to the statement "fashion over style" and are ready for performance at any given moment. The purse/briefcase contain a foldout stage, musical instruments, amplifiers, lights and mics...Duh:0)

Pathological ! Extremely pathological !

Errrr.different and i being kind:)

lol i got your email about this pic stunner and i will be doing a comparison to how the dancers in jamaica dress and whats the influence behind it don't think i am ignoring your email, just need to nab one of them to interview :D

Kanye looks ok but the guy in the skin tight leopard tights needs an adjustment.

Stunner - yuh tun fashion police now? Lef di people dem alone - afta anno yuh a pay fi di clothes dem! I do love that orange bag. Very nice.
This is a really silly picture of all of them though - quite a motley crew. A different backdrop and the whole appearance of the pic would change.