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Monday, April 13, 2009


I wish I was writing to boast about my fantastic weekend on the north coast, where I spent most of my days in the sun on beautiful white sand beaches, enjoying the view and company of sweet Jamaican women in swim suits, drinking a wide assortment of liquor and steadying my stomach with all the taste morsels of food I could consume. But alas, I am not! Instead I am lamenting about how boring the holiday weekend was.

Lets' see what did I want to do this weekend? Well I wanted to go on a trip with the photography group I recently joined on Flickr. they had plan a trip to Portland on Sunday, my home parish, to take photographs at different locations throughout the parish. This would have been a great trip for me as I would be: getting to know other people with the same interest in photography, learn form these people who are obviously better photographers than me, take great photos of the most beautiful parish in Jamaica (yes I said it, an unnuh know a true!) and enjoy myself. I have never been to the races at the Dover raceway and it would have been a good experience for me, especially now that I have a DSLR, which has a better reaction time and flexibility than the old point and shoot. I had going to Dover on Easter Monday to see what it was all about and to get some great action photos.

Now what did I actually do this weekend? I was scheduled to work the entire holiday weekend! Damn it! Why couldn't I have had an ordinary nine to five that pays good money? Working shift has it's advantage as I get to work a premium rate, which I would starve to death without. But it has it's disadvantages as I hardly get to benefit from weekends and public holidays off. So while people were enjoying themselves at all the activities, from racing, to Beach Jouvert, to Luau, I was here... scratch that, I am still here at work, bored. But I guess the bills have to be paid and I have to eat to keep on living, which means I have to work, blah.

I somehow mustered up the energy and time to give my apartment a much needed cleaning. I swept, I dusted, I wiped, I scrubbed and I straightened. All I needed was a maid's outfit to complete the look. I even got rid of all kind of paper clutter that I had accumulated as well as clothes and shoes that I have not worn in quite a while and have no intentions of ever wearing. Will be stopping off at the Salvation Army to drop them off. Now my place looks and feels lighter and cleaner, so at least there is some good that came out of the holiday weekend.

Now let me torture myself... how was your weekend?

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my weekend was, how should I say this? :D

How have I missed that you are on Flickr? I'll have to add you as a contact.

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don't worry, me and you shared the same kind of weekend, only, i wish i cud have added cleaning to mine. im hating all these luau pics on facebook :( dunno y i jus never go and done!!!

If i told you my weekend was awesomely( a word?) boring then that would be a great overstatement!

@Jamaipanese: That's a nice way of putting it.

@justacoolcat: Yeah, I'm there, you can find it at

@Pepper: One of my coworkers had the weekend off and tortured me of how great Luau was! I was not amused!

@Gordon Swaby: Welcome to the club!

I knew from holy Thursday when at the half day I was released from work and simply went home to rest....didn't know one body could rest for three whole days but I did, and it was reflective.

I would prefer you in an apron and hat;)